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Perspectivas porteñas

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La Boca, Buenos Aires. Famous for its brightly coloured facades La Boca is a neighbourhood full of life and romance which is home to a substantial community of artists. Cristina Terzaghi, an artist who creates public works of art has decided to create a mural in La Boca In order to acquaint herself with the locality she has met with one of the painters from the area, Alberto Gini. This freight train which passes through the district is a remnant from its industrial past, but these days what it sells is art. Caminito is very pretty ... Don´t you think so? Isn´t it so? It looks really good ... You know, the colours are the primaries of Caminito ... they are very bold. The kids are playing over there, as you can see. Before, they used the fields, but now they are cemented over, but it is still the same neighbourhood. Football is the great passion in La Boca. The neighbourhood has the most famous football club in Argentina, the Boca Juniors. All the boys dream of achieving fame, and following in the footsteps of their heroes. The Bombonera stadim dominates La Boca and the river area. In its day it was a very busy port. Today, only a handful of cargo ships travel through there. Other vessels, rusty relics from the past, bestow an impressive backdrop on La Boca. They also feel proud of their neighbourhood, don´t they? Very proud, of course. Many people here have fallen in love at some point on this river bank And others carry on dreaming. So I wish you the best of luck at this new stage you're going to begin While Cristina and Alberto decide where the best place is for the mural, up the river, another artist is carrying out a very different search. I live around here near the coast of Río de la Plata, the northern part of the province of Buenos Aires, in San Isidro... and we have all the coast along the river that's teeming with everything to do with water plants... like canes, rushes, willow... And yeah, I can find them just by walking along the coast. I make sure I look for them especially. And lo, the plants are there. Plants that have fallen and dried up are perfect for recycling later. Every subject has something to do with one's roots and so it's very much related to the water, the river, the boats. I grew up in this it's part of my life and I believe because of that it comes across in my work as well. In general I use vegetables fibres, canes, every sort of castoff. They're more refined materials that I always found within my reach. They're not things that I had to buy from a business, rather I find them. I even have some people as well... neighbours of mine who already know about my virtue of recycling... so they make sure they give me the timber when they do any, any sort of tidy-up in their garden, to pass me the cut-offs. Hello Mariana, how are you? Hi Susi, how are you? Come on, come in. Thanks. I've brought you some branches from the garden, I don't know if they're any good to you. Fantastic. Really good. This is ash, this plant is ash, brilliant, that's just what I need for my work. Wow how lucky, good, in that case the next time I cut the tree I'll bring you some. Bring some. Thank you so much. Well, Mariana... So remember, don't throw it away, okay? Okay, great... See you later then? Bye Well, the creative process I have... starts with a time... let's say in which I'm analyzing the idea... it's a more passive, peaceful time, of meditation, of analysis, of previous drawings... even ideas that have nothing to do with the final realization of my idea, it's like feeding myself from various perspectives. The environment I prefer to work in has maybe a bit of background music. Usually I listen to the radio... Radio Nacional, which airs classical music, which is calming ... otherwise music.... I love music, but I find it really distracting... I have a way of distracting myself for a few seconds, perhaps I abandon my work while I wait/hope (?) that ?? a little, around ten minutes and I walk, walk in my garden perhaps accompanied by my dog or my parrot. Hello Lucas, hello, Lucas. to see the plants and consider their continual growth

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A documentary about artists in Buenos Aires, part of the Open University advanced Spanish Unit: Perspectivas porteñas available here:

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