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Putin berates ministers

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In conclusion, I'm going to finish this session I want to say the following: We all understand that the 2012 directives should be given our particular attention. I was hoping to be able to say this just in terms of the emergency fund but now, I'm going to say it in terms of the entire package. Of course, it's complicated. You think I don't understand that it's complicated? I understand perfectly. The problems are complicated, difficult to solve, even but they're solvable all the same. But we won't solve them if we do what we've just been talking about. It's no coincidence that we're gathered right here right now. It was no coincidence that I asked for this meeting to be organised right now. Because, I have just said, while the TV cameras were running, "how are we going to fulfil these agreements?". How are we working? The quality of our work is appalling. Everything is being done superficially, you understand me?! And if we're going to carry on working like this, then not a damn thing will get done. But if we work harder, more professionally with an understanding of what needs to be done, then we'll do it. If we don't do this, then we need to acknowledge that either I am working ineffectively, or all of you are working badly, and you need to go. I would like to point out that today, I'm leaning towards the second option. I think that you understand that we need to be frank with one another so that there are no misunderstandings ... I think that you understand that we need to be frank with one another so that there are no misunderstandings ...

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Posted by: russiaslam on Apr 18, 2013

A storm has erupted on the Runet after LifeNews published this video of Vladimir Putin allegedly berating Medvedev's cabinet ministers. He talks about last year's May directives, letting his audience know in no uncertain terms that he is unhappy with their work and he threatens to fire them. While LifeNews maintain that Putin was talking to ministers, the Kremlin press secretary Peskov has claimed that the threats were aimed at regional governors rather than the higher echelons of Russia's political system.

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