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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction - What is the Secret? Part Six

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Masturbation and The Law of Attraction: What is the Secret? - Part six - 29 March 2009 - Presented by: Bernard Poolman Now, what was so nice about the whole God-thing because remember, when you were born, there was no God in your world. The God only became part of your world when you were taught about the God, you were trained to believe in it. That’s the nice thing about having multi-cultural existences in the oneness reality. I mean, you can – if you are self-honest – consider, that if you were born into a Muslim-reality, it would be Allah. If you’re in a Christian reality, you will have God. But God and Allah will not be there in the beginning – it will only be there as the words that your parents are speaking. But not there in fact. One would like to believe it to would be there, but what is there in fact that you can say self-honestly? There is Life in fact. As that Life-Force that is equal in all beings. Have a look – weather it’s a dog that’s being born, there is a life-force. A seed that is born into a tree, there is a life-force. A human being, there is a life-force. That is… we’re all equal within that. We all use the same substance through which we express as life, which is from the Earth, the dust of the Earth. But look at the fascinating thing – the moment you die, the dust of the Earth returns to the Earth – where do you go? The question would be: are you real? You don't know - you are going to find out once you are no longer within the form you are in here on earth. The same with animals and it doesn’t matter what you believe. Whatever you believe, whoever you are as a personality all of that you have been taught – it is not real. It is not life, it is personality, it is name, it is culture, it is 'I am a lawyer' 'I am this'. It is the great 'I AM,' because you were taught I am this, I am this. That I am is not God, that I am is mom and dad’s teachings to you of: "I AM. Say 'I AM John', 'I am Dan, I AM'." That is the great I AM that is being superimposed as ‘God’. Now, how do we superimpose the IAM that I AM is quite fascinating, because it says that I am within the greater I AM, which is apparently God – No. That is all our I AM’s that we believe in, as free choice together, our world system – that's our God, as the great I AM. Quite a mess if you look at our money system. Quite a mess if you look at how many are starving and how people are abusing each other in this reality of energy – as the I AM. That I AM is all our laws we have accepted, all the ways we have accepted each other to exist – which we unquestioningly do because I mean as long as you allow me to masturbate and rape as many people as possible energetically I'll allow you to do the same. Let us just agree, we have free choice to do this – then we are okay. I mean, we don’t see it happen, because I mean it is energy. We can’t see energy and that is what is no nice about energy, isn't it? I mean energy is like a ‘secret’ thing – you can’t see it. So what we do in our imaginary world – nobody can see what we do with this energy that nobody can see – that is here, I mean it's Here. You feel it, you can feel its presence, because presence is energy. But you can’t see the presence. But let’s all agree to have "free choice", let’s all agree that we have "free will", because we decide what the great I AM must do we have created it after all as our world system, as our consciousness, as our conscience. And within that we have put in a nice dose of ‘beauty’ and a fantastic dose of ‘love’. So as long as we have ‘love’ we can hope that everybody else will understand it and feel our love and then we will be uplifted. I mean the fact that they don’t have food to eat - That’s not my problem that is Gods problem I mean sorry the world system the great I AM’s problem. "You must listen to the great I AM and follow the rules, you must follow the system. But the system is unequal; it cannot be equal because the design never made provision for equality. The design made provision for control. The design made provision for just some to be the elite and the rest to be the workers. Because those in the elite don’t really want to do the work. They want a nice physical experience, but they don’t want to actually do anything that is going to get that experience. So therefore they get the rest of the world to do it for them, I mean that is business isn’t it? Wouldn’t you do the same? I mean the principle of free choice will allow you to do that. You can manipulate as you wish in this world because as long as free choice exists As long as inequality is seen as equality As long as it is possible to hide behind the point, the fact that you are equal to that education means that’s all you can ever be. So let’s keep you at that point, you do the work, I’ll pay you, you do all the stuff. And we have created a system that feed off each other where some are living like gods on earth, even in this current economic crisis in this world, there are those that live in ways you cannot begin to imagine. There are those that have money and then most that don’t most that are living on the bread line – that means they just have enough money to make sure that their children get into the system – and there is food on the table. So their children can continue in the accepted tradition of serving the great I AM: the world system. And that is taken to – or attempted to be taken to the next stage. A few problem obviously. All that had to happen over time within the evolution of ‘love’ was to create another way to trap everyone. Like you now have the love cycle within the new age that has become a wonderful money making machine. Everybody jumps on the band wagon and defend it, why? They're making money. How do we stop this nonsense? We have investigated this extensively. We found one particular way it's possible for us to actually stop this nonsense: A new money system – a money system where life is valued, that means: when you are born you immediately have your life supply of money with which you can do exchanges and support you from within the world system. Will that mean we have to change our morality? Certainly. Does it mean that some people are not going to want to actually create food? Certainly. But I mean, if you are not willing to feed yourself or create food for yourself – eventually you are going to starve and that will get you moving. So there is going to be problems within the suggested system of equality but not problems as big as we have now and we can consider actually evolving, because at the moment we are not evolving we are devolving. We can consider building a system where everyone is supported equally, where everyone is actually getting an equal education. Where our vocabulary is equal so that when we talk to each other we can understand each other – we don’t have to fight for supremacy – because the system is designed for a win/lose situation. But if everyone is on a win/win situation, it’s professed, like in the 7 habits and the secret – a win/win solution. Where is the practical win/win solution? There is no practical win/win solution as long as there is no equal money for all. Not in this world system as it exists, not possible Because the source of what is here take the human away and there is no world-system. So who's the one that must make this decision to change the world system? It is the Human. Part Seven to Continue...

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Posted by: tullepie on Apr 10, 2009

Now, what was so nice about the whole God-thing because remember, when you were born, there was no God in your world. The God only became part of your world when you were taught about the God. You were trained to believe in it. Just like when, whether youre...and thats the nice thing about having multi-cultural existences in the oneness reality.

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