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Deck Repair Cincinnati

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Hi, Don Kennedy again with ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati. I've entitled this video "Signs that it is Time for a Deck Repair". Reason being, it's Spring! I'm so thankful the Spring weather has finally arrived, It's been a brutal winter and like you, I enjoy spending a lot of time in my backyard, hanging out on my deck, grilling out spending time with the kids. We want to make sure our deck is ready for the season. How we're going to do that is we're actually going to walk you through one of our craftsmens inspections. This occured just this past week. In particular, I want you to pay attention to four problems noted in the video. First, decaying or rotted wood. Next, deck fasteners. These could be nails or screws that are popping up or have failed. Looking at the railing and banisters and finally, some notes about cleaning and maintenance. The purpose of this is to help you decide whether or not you can repair these problems yourself, or you need to hire a professional like us. So without further adieu, lets take a look at the video. If you don't have a repellent, making sure water isn't seeping into the deck. It'll turn into this here. You can see, splinters are going to go into bare feet. All the way down here, this is rotting out. Then, the gaps are growing here at each seam. You see how moisture is just sitting on top? It's going inside of the wood instead of beading up. That growing gap there, you can actually stick your finger in there. Then as you can see, all along All the sheeting on this deck is expired because there has been no water treatment or water repellent put on. That's just poor craftsmenship as well. You can see where the screw is coming through. You can see there is mold growth here. That green stuff. Here you can see where the moisture is backing the nails out Through expansion and contraction of the wood. I hope you enjoyed that video and found it useful. I appreciate you watching. We'd love to hear your feedback or comments at the end of this video or on our blog page. Of course, you can always ask questions, or if you need help with a deck repair in Cincinnati, dial 513-724-0539 You can always check us out on the web at and we'd love to become your friend on facebook, keyword "Promaster Craftsmen"! Thanks for watching and happy remodeling!

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Posted by: handymancincy on Jan 21, 2011

With the following tips, homeowners can quickly spot and diagnose some common problems associated with their deck's exposure to the harsh winter weather. Taking action to resolve these issues quickly will help prevent premature failure and costly replacement of your deck and increase its function and longevity.

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