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What is a Mystic? Yogi? Siddhar? Sadhguru

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so what do these words mean mystic, yogi, siddha or siddhars in Tamil Nadu there are siddhars, there are boghars the word siddha means "the established one" somebody's a siddha means, he's established, he's attained to a certain level of establishment within himself in the inner realm but in Tamil Nadu they started using this word more freely even some of the established medicine men or doctors were referred to as siddhas or siddhars but fundamentally it means somebody who's found a certain kind of attainment or establishment within himself Siddha means the established one Siddha Vaidhya means the established form of Vaidhya A yogi means one who has known the oneness of the existence but once again we have started using this word very freely anybody who can twist his body is a yogi now that you can do this you're a yogi anybody who is doing yoga is a yogi because you can read a book and become a yogi but fundamentally yogi means one who has known the oneness of the existence within himself he's a yogi mystic is an english word in India we have no such word as mystic in the indian languages because mysticism has been so much a part of this culture that so many mystical aspects of life or even if people do not know by experience, they have heard about it all the way any village you go, any place you go somebody's talking some mysticism that they heard somewhere, isn't it? because its been so much in the culture and it also got exaggerated that is also there so there is no equivalent word for mystic see,the english word mystic fundamentally means a person who is into a realm which is not normally available to people you're unable to logically come to any conclusion about it, so it is mystical so one who has entered the realm of the mysticism or mystical nature of the existence he's a mystic what he practices or what he does is called mysticism

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks what is meant by the words Mystic, Yogi & Siddhar. Sadhguru explains the word Siddha means established one, the word mystic is an English word. (AO62)

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