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Global Warming Explained

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Can you tell me what you know about how global warming words where's come frome words about it? Glacials melting? hahaha, Pollution? hahaha Is than too reasons. We fait to ice ages where turn noice warming again he could be naturally could be and easy. How happens..? I don't know. Stuff is get warming not like dust know now gone it be is much you know. The cars and the all pollution near in the creasing world it rigth now. Check specially you know some voice actions really hahaha Did util naked is melt I know, I don't, No, Not really. Global warming is happening because human alter the Earth atmosphere so the hit canned scape fromen thith need some is of course Carbon dioxide nathing and water favorite retain and enough hit the sun to the stone live fund around But human activited this wrote at the violence with carbon dioxide nathing and micro oxide in the atmosphere massived meals burn in fast fuil oil gas and cold. We cap on all the forest and you fawning that the greenhouses gases in the atmosphere. Now there's two much carbon dioxide nathing and micro oxid in the year. Today the atmosphere contain 32% percent more carbon dioxide there, there mighty eighteen hundred Other gases actuated and blocked retainer two much the sun his. That mean words fun method change planet or of exclaimed Global average temperature his reasons point sixteen grades so science six nineteen hundred. The nother atmosphere is now substancially warming the any point the doint wan't thousand years and that is GLOBAL WARMING.

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What Is Global Warming.

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