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Dell EMC Networking SmartFabric Director

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Today Networks must support rapidly changing business and application needs, in order to innovate and stay competitive. The problem is that most of today's networking infrastructure was designed over 20 years ago. [DESIGNED OVER 20 YEARS AGO] it's very complex and leads to a high amount of network congestion, as networks have become more complex and difficult to manage. Physical infrastructure has not been able to keep pace with virtualized networks. Newer leaf spine fabrics have replaced older three-tier network architectures. But these physical networks are still difficult to maintain, and orchestrate which can be time-consuming and error-prone. You have limited visibility and control between virtual and physical networks. As a result, it's easy to over provision the physical network, which leads to in efficiencies and higher TCO. Not to mention the multiple points of Management, which is why we developed Dell EMC SMARTFABRIC DIRECTOR for today's network. Finally bringing both physical and virtual together. [Dell EMC] [SMARTFABRIC DIRECTOR][wmware] [SIMPLE AND INCREDIBLY EASY] [DESIGN | DEPLOY | MAINTAIN] It's simple and incredibly easy to design, deploy and maintain the physical network in just three easy steps. Create Configure Deploy End-to-End central and automated management helps the physical network to have a better view of the virtual network needs. Resulting in operational excellence and scalability. It lowers TCO by provisioning and monitoring the right amount of network resources. And it's the only fabric management platform. Co-engineered with VMware. So you get the best of physical and virtual working seamlessly together. All these from a single vendor with global support, accelerate your IT transformation with an infrastructure designed for today with smartfabric director. [Dell EMC][wmware] [SMARTFABRIC DIRECTOR]

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Dell EMC Networking SmartFabric Director

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