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Como dibujar un Anime

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Today we´ll learn how to make an anime. The first thing we'll do is define the outline of the face and its dimensions. This will give us an idea of the space we use proportionally within our workspace. With these lines, let's define the anime´s neck and a small part of what would be the rest of the body. We just going to draw this time the head and all its details. With smooth strokes, we´ll draw the hair. The shape and volume goes according to our likes, always maintaining the big appearance, which is a basic feature in the anime. We continue working with soft strokes and now we draw the environment that will be the eyes. In the art of anime, eyes are also big. Aspects such as the nose and eyes are subtle but important details, because their size is small. We´ll draw the characteristic details of the eyes, which will give a more real, always remembering to keep the proportions. Gradually we began to make stronger strokes to accentuate details and enliven our drawing. It's time to add details like accessories and define stronger strokes to create more depth. Shadows are a key element to create more realism. Places such as the chin, neck and eyes are highlighted with this feature. The final steps are accentuating details with stronger lines throughout the drawing to create more realistic and not look like a sketch. This is our final work, very well drawn and delineated. However, the black and white work, it is essential to give the necessary importance to these two colors. Strong shadows and other specific locations as soft chin, eyes, neck and hair, give an aspect of glamor and beauty. The combination of strong lines and soft shadows, give more texture to the entire drawing. With only black and white colors can achieve an illusion of sobriety that goes very well with the art of anime.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Colombia
Producer: Jessica Guerrero
Director: Jessica Guerrero
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Posted by: jessica98guerrero on Sep 3, 2013

Esta es una forma sencilla y rápida de crear un anime a blanco y negro.

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