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The Secret World of Arrietty (2012)

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(male voice) Arrietty, make sure you hold on tight. [Arrietty gasps] Papa! Did you see that? (father) That's my girl. (Arrietty, narrating) My mother, father and I are all borrowers. (mother) Promise you won't let our daughter get eaten, or squashed like a bug. Ha! Ha! (Arrietty narrating) We borrow things like soap, and cookies, and sugar... ...things that humans don't miss if they're gone. [gasp] We've been seen, and borrowers aren't supposed to be seen. (boy) No wait. Don't go. (father) The boy knows that we're here. What? Are we safe? I really don't think he intends to hurt us. (father) Once a borrower has been seen... ...the humans curiosity can't be stopped. ♪ [Jónsi - "Around Us"] ♪ I see the walls and see them fall ♪ (boy) My mother used to tell me stories about the little people who lived under the floors Is that you? Uh huh. ♪ Grow and grow till tall ♪ (boy) Maybe we could be friends? (woman) Strange things have been happening here, and I know why. ♪ I see forest, a treasure chest ♪ (woman) Tell me, Shawn, have you ever seen any little people in your room? (boy) Nuh-uh. Can't say that I have. [Arrietty giggles] Aaaaaah! There you are! Mother's been taken! We have to go help her. (boy) Aren't you scared? (Arrietty) Sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for. (boy) We'll find her. Whoa! Nice try! [giggles] (boy) When I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you. (Arrietty) We're borrowers, and as long as we have each other to live for, we'll keep on living. [meow] Arrietty - I'll never forget you. I wonder what's taking Papa so long? (mother) Why is my first thought always that he got eaten by the cat? What's wrong with me? [giggling] [Captions by]

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