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5. El Momento Presente y Todo lo que Es

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One advantage in sending prayer offers, it establishes the... letting go of self, the total sacrifice of ourselves, at least as the orientation and direction that grows as well, along with our relationship with God. But sacrifice, in this world is not like it is in heaven. It can be very difficult, very painful, unbearable at times. All kinds of difficulties can arise, both socially and... emotional or spiritual life. But faith says that whatever happens in the present moment is... is God's will and the only thing God can will is what is... for our best good, from His perspective, maybe not from ours. So by letting go of our own... experience and turning it over to God, the presence of God... begins to grow even in the midst of activity, so contemplation and action are not separate but express themselves according to circumstances and more broadminded one is with... more extended one is in openness to God and to other people and to change then the more of God's freedom one experiences and more... one can bear the sufferings of daily life, even horrendous disasters. Because the presence of God relativizes all human experience in a way that... that transcends them... without necessarily delivering you from the particular aches and pains or violence or suffering but... from this deep source within us of the divine indwelling, the spirit gives us the courage and the humility and the trust to... let it happen. So at the present moment, you might say is God's way of... of communicating to us. It's... God's computer, you might say. Just as an aside, it might be fun if you just review sometime that levels of communication in human history, especially in the last 150 years. Just to give you a few... face to face communication is the basic one, then comes writing letters, reading books, the telegram, the telephone, the TV, the DVDs, the Facebook, the Twitter, the cellphone, the text so that we're experiencing this blast of all kinds of communications in a way that no generation ever... had to face. But it's a marvelous metaphor for our relationship with God, which is not... static. It's dynamic and the spirit is suggesting what to do in every present moment, so that's why we have in time to think of the past or the future that God brings it to our attention because everything that we want is now. Our capacity is there, God is prepared to fill it and we just have to go through the... experience of development on each level of our humanity, culminating in living, just to manifest... God in whatever way we're supposed to. So... And then the Body of Christ, as Paul says, is no good, better, and best. Everything is important. You can't say you don't need some part of it so... everything human is God texting us and the sense is you might say, every one of them is it means in which God is communicating new truth, aspects showing His love and so on. Or inviting us to transcend some of our limitations and so, He's very much... has His, not only His fingers but His whole being, you might say is focused on us as if we were the only creature there was as love is infinite. So the present moment then, you might say is the computer that God is always texting us. So if we think we're alone, you're mistaken. Now, if you have your cell phone and so on, you're in touch with all the world. It's a good symbol of... of relationship, as in relating to God, you're related to everything that He made and everything that He made is good, so... so this is the kind of conviction or... or conceptual background that we need to insist upon over and over again. It's being in the presence of God and being able to stay there and love being there, while submitting to the difficulties and duties or what happens at the same time, so that... there's everything that's happening in the present moment and there's this presence that doesn't change, that is always there, in which you contact in some degree when contemplative prayer begins to be... firmly established, so that the experience of God just as a presence and that presence can be so varied according to all the senses and with progress, all the physical senses become spirituals senses. The sense of smell becomes an attraction towards interior silence and peace and hearing, you melt into a sound or in seeing, you melt into the tree or in touching, God sometimes embraces us or kisses us or whatever. You feel embraced and finally in tasting, you experienced the inner presence of God, which is nourishing and delicious and sustaining and all the other things. So it's that kind of experience that enables the difficulties of the spiritual journey to be overcome and the overwhelming negativity of society, which is going in the opposite direction, faster and faster. So I think those scientific gadgets are marvelous metaphors of... how many ways God is actually communicating to us at every moment. It's not just a statue or a picture we're thinking of. It's all of reality contained in its creator here and now in the single instant. I'm sure you've noticed that question is being raised nowadays, "What is time? What is eternity?" If it's time at all, it's totally different from our time and so, time basically is the measure of motion. So if there's no motion, there's no time and so, it's that experience that occurs if you're in very deep prayer or meditation at times, where you're not thinking of anything but you are thoroughly aware of the presence in whatever form it happens to... to take in this particular moment but which can change and so, you have to be open and adapting to whatever happens as an embrace from God or whatever your favorite sense images. The Buddhist recognizes the sixth sense and they call that thinking. So this is our chief problem. It's this faculty that needs to be controlled and hence, the scriptures itself as well as all mystical teachers constantly say, "Let all thoughts go. Let God act." Let go and let God is the saying for me. That is very insightful because that's what we all have to do. So we're going to continue to have thoughts and we need them to function and to... plan but without detachment, without relying on them and without just... thinking any old thing but to have a certain discipline of being able to let go of thoughts that are... harmful or unkind and unforgiving or... all the things that are possible in the myriad faculties of a human being. So the awakened state or the non-dual is not to even think about right and wrong because they're always doing what is right, because you are under the influence of the spirit. Because you don't need to think of self or the past or to worry about the future. No. No, no, no, no, no. That means a dual consciousness, so non duality is really dual consciousness, in which you are able to give your whole attention to the duties or expectations or the senses telling us... with all of the distractions of life, while at the same time, never leaving this conviction, which is not so much an experience as something beyond the experience as certain certitude that you're always in the presence of God and then, you can see God in different things whatever the spirit may suggest. The last thought is we stop making effort and just take everything as it comes and then, you're in the present moment. That's where we want to place God is, so if you are there too, then all you have to do is accept what's happening or do what God want you to do about what's happening, which will be infused and you believe that you'll be guided there, regardless of how many faults you have. And in fact, you rather... like your fault because they help to keep humble and then realizes or the reason for staying in this world, if you have to be here anyway. So what's the point of living, as far as I can see? It's only a day at a time... to give God a chance to take over our very complicated human... situation completely or more completely and whatever we do is in the service of that... project of we don't have to think about it, if you're in the present moment.

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De la serie por Thomas Keating: "Que Seamos Uno - No-Dualidad Cristiana"

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