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Learning About Other Countries Activity Overview

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Learning About Other Countries] >> Now, we learned about North American animals. So we're going to be learning about Australian animals. Can anyone tell me maybe one animal they know is from Australia? >> Kangaroo. >> Kangaroos. Good. How about another one? >> In this activity, youth study and observe animals and their habitats. Then youth design and build a game and use it to share what they've learned with visitors at the zoo. >> So you guys are going to be writing in your journals, all the information we learned. We'll be learning about things like scat, do you guys know what scat is? We have the poster. Is there anything else we should add to the presentation to make it seem fun, make it seem like people want to do it? >> Prizes. >> Prizes? But why would you need prizes, for what? >> For a game. >> Games, good. What should I do for this game? >> You have to connect, you have to connect the words to the other words. >> Okay. So I'll pick marsupial. What is a marsupial? >> Uh, it's a kangaroo. >> It's a kangaroo, and it's an animal that what? >> Has a pouch. >> Has a pouch. Oh, my goodness. >> Do you want to play the game you can win? >> Sure. >> Okay. You have to guess which animal... >> You have to pick... You have to pick one animal then you have to guess is it an omnivore, which eats plants and meat or a herbivore that just eats plants. >> He means just like, in the food chain that they... >> All right, I'm gonna go first, pick an animal and tell what it eats. >> Cameron, what is that? >> Omnivore. >> You are correct. >> Okay, I am going to pick a dingo and I am going to say that it's an omnivore-- oh, no, sorry, carnivore, the one that eats only meat. >> Yes, correct. [CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Learning About Other Countries]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

Youth study different animal habitats. Working together as a group, they develop a project that they can present to the public about other countries and their animal habitats.

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