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Why Kids Lie

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Could it be that we - the parents are the cause why our children are lying to us? Today I would like to explore this possibility together with you and speak about why children lie. Why do they lie? Can it be because we - parents have a problem with the truth? Can it have anything to do with our reaction when they do tell us the truth? How easy or difficult are we making it for our children to stay truthful? Let us be honest, every time they mess up, make a mistake, misbehave, we get them in trouble. Who wants to be in trouble? Why would they tell us the truth? What can we change in our relationship, our feeling and our reaction to wrong doing that will make them feel safe enough to come and talk to us? If our reaction is too strong, if our reaction is judgmental, critical and dramatic, there might not be a next time of them coming and telling us something that happened. And imagine how dangerous it is, especially as our children grow to be teenagers and alcohol and drugs could be part of their lives. We need to know the truth. We need to know what is happening with them. So if I want to create a safe environment for my kids to share with me what is happening with them the good and the bad, I need to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable truth. And the more compassionate, understanding and coming from a place to support and help, there more comfortable our kids will be to share with us. And it is not only going to prevent them from lying to us, it is going to also create a strong and trusting connection between us and our children. Let us try that.

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Posted by: sfkvolunteers on Oct 30, 2016

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