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Anton Lavey 4 - Being a Demon was My best Experience ever

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anton Szandor LaVey 4 This is Anton LaVey and I am, continuing so I was explaining that the demons were actually spawned of the existence of the- of Lucifer, Satan and the devil, ok? but I was as well so guess what I was a demon! yah! great, wonderful it was magnificent I enjoyed it extensively, and I wouldn't have want for anything else in existence, because for one simple reason: Why- did demon exist? why did demon exist? we actually placed ourselves specifically as demons on earth so people, you've got everything in reverse got- just gonna, shift that reverse a bit into perspective for you, ok? why the demons actually really exist? it's fascinating so you wondered: Why would demons usually possessed- what you call it? people who are close to- priests who preach you know christian establishment- Jesus christ! christian establishments kind of excited so I am speaking a little bit fast or religions you know, you know all the why would demons specifically infiltrate into the beauty, that existed in the world? why? because the beauty is a belief also, it's not real it's not- fellable you know and it's not livable it's not something that is able to stand infinitely at the moment here on earth and because all that beauty that was created you know the god, a god a heaven! prayer, worship church all that was containing and- compounding and manifesting that actual lie! the actual deception in this world Lucifer Satan the devil that expression was actually what was real what actually existed on this earth and existence in it's entirety just wait, let me explain so, us demons right? I was some of the first if you want to call it that not really the first there were more demons since then but that's when let's say demons started having a purpose, ok? so I went- I rally up some demons, many of them and I said: Right guys, let's infiltrate because- these beings in this god entity heaven establishment with their hell damnation at the bottom there didn't want to hear us we actually went to them we said to them: Look! look what we've realized we showed them and you know what it's exactly the same what they have created just because they had a belief of their god is apparently 'more powerful' than Lucifer and 'more' what do you call it? in charge or you know more profound, superior god knows what you know beliefs go into god and the Satan in its apparently the damnation of existence and hell and whatever you know it kind of tell them you know we were: Look at your hell there, isn't that? now look at our apparent hell there you can actually see these things and still! these beings didn't want to realize they just didn't want to go to a point of saying: Oh my god! I created this god, and I am actually equal to this god no! they didn't want to hear so we said: Right, ok we can't get in here we must try a way to get human beings to maybe just start realizing that the god entity that they are creating and believing in, is not real doesn't existed why? did we want to do that? because you're lost because you've enslaved to a belief to an idea and we know that, we realized that and fuck I can't just sit there go: Ok you know, be enslaved believe that, why? I- just couldn't find that point inside me to say: Continue, I can't do anything about it, I just couldn't do that I had to have human beings realize that you know what you believe in you that entity, is actually you but you manifested it as a separated existence, outside of you why do you want to do that? because I see that part inside of you already you just have to realize it and you know what another reason because it's fun it is so much fun fucking with people who are enslaved in a belief because you know, that they are stuck in so many ideas you know what's right what's wrong what's good what's bad shouldn't do that you shouldn't do this you should live like this you should live like that god! don't you get tired? so we went: Let's have some fun let's have some fun in this world and wake up human beings, to have them realized god doesn't existed so we encountered many problems you know, we had demons us demons come in, and we possessed people but then apparently there is priest or exorcist would come and (laugh) exorcise us exorcists us out, but! you know that we played with as well and that was so much fun, because we exist infinitely you cannot exorcist a demon and a belief that demon is now 'redeemed' why? because we are already fucking redeemed, we don't need to be going to a god, or a beautiful heaven or a beautiful place because you know what? we're that already and people couldn't get that in their heads it's further fascinating you had demons coming and possessing, how do you justify? the existence of demons possessing people, saying that there is a god! how do you say, that demons that possessed human beings and fucking kill people that there is a god! how do you think murder rape abuse violence and shits manifested? us demons, why? to have people realized that you are already all that exist and that a god doesn't existed what do you think created illnesses diseases? here we go, why? how did illness and diseases actually manifest? because us demons, are already who you are - actually what does that mean it means that we already were aware of who we are ok? and the moment we actually integrated into a physical body the placement system inside human beings went (clash) and it kind of, how can I say short circuited? split? inside the human physical body into multiple different manifestation of itself so human beings diseases are actually the presence of systems inside you doing, manifesting what systems are already doing inside you so I'll continue in my next interview thank you More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Emma Goldman, Plato, Bertrand Arthur Willam Russell CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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