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I want to take this 12th and final lesson of the month and talk about how you can use your figure 8 in what I like to call coordination. Where you really exercise with a purpose. The purpose is to strengthen your tennis game. To use this non linear motion, this figure 8 motion to actually get a great work out while you get more flexible, while you get more coordinated. You can use all these exercises put a strap under your feet as JR is doing here. Hold your arms in a neutral position and do the figure 8. Or you can pull a little bit and encompass a little upper body strength. All the while you are doing these exercises you are doing your figure 8 stroke. Strengthening your figure 8 stroke and grooving your entire game while you work out. So you might as well do something other than just get tired and enlarge your pecs you might as well get better at your sport. Now remember the figure 8 motion is an exercise so if your going to do weights like you see here with the figure 8 go very light, 1/2 pound, 1 pound start there. You can use a couple of cans of soup if want and still get a good work out. You will see if you do the figure 8 with some weights its very very strenuous not only in your arms and shoulders but in your entire body. You will feel down into your calves and feet. Another nice thing about the 8 board if you've got one and I'm guessing you've got one at this point. It dials in your balance. Your vertical axis, this exercise here with medicine ball, a lot of people do this wrong. Especially throwing a medicine ball. Their head sways back and forth they really tilt. They are quit often off balance and they think they are getting exercise until they have an aching back the next morning. The 8 board does keep you honest, you can use it with several different weights, from medicine balls to body blades. All it does is really key in your balance and helps your coordination as well as building core strength and stabilization. So this figure 8 motion is very important, the better you do this figure 8 motion, the more you strengthen it, the more you do it. I suggest every day at least a couple of minutes. The better your game is going to be. I know thats important to all of you thats why you are here. So get this figure 8, this is an NRG ball, if you can find them they are great. You can go through the whole motion with a light medicine ball on a stick. It really really does strengthen the stroke, from the core right out to the racket head. This is a very difficult drill. We took a bosu ball and turned it upside down and put the 8 board on top. We have all done it. You have got to have your vertical axis very true. This can be done, be very careful if your going to do these things.

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Use your tennis motions to strengthen your body, to in turn, play better tennis.

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