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Rav - Toldot - Mind Over Matter PART 1

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Originally, the Creator had one thought and that thought was what? To Share. To share. Because we say the internal characteristc of everything, electricity It has an energy inteligence It's not a inanimate object in quantum today we know. There is life going on in the table. In fact, 99% is atoms and those atoms contain movement. A beautiful movement. A beautiful movement. Everything wants to become revealed The Creator wants to become revealed because that internal characteristc is one of sharing. There is only one way that metaphysics or something of a metaphysical nature becomes revealed and that is fortunately or unfortunately through a physical, corporeal aspect entity called the table, called the body because without a body the soul cannot reveal itself. That internal force without a body does not become revealed. So the Force We call it the Creator Without a physical aspect, a physical conduit, a physical channel cannot revealed itself. The purpose of creation was so the Creator, and this is the only reason for creation, states the Zohar, was not for my benefit, not for the benefit of mankind, not for the benefit of anyone but because of the desire and thought of creation which was to share. And the only way it could extend itself and sharing was by creating a vessel, by creating a conduit creating a channel by which there would be a full expression of the force. because if there is no vessel, vessel meaning a body, a table, a bulb there would never be an indication of an expression of the Force. the Force is not expressed unless there is a body. There could be a soul somewhere hovering around but if that soul does not become manifested within a body there would never be an expression or a manifestation of that Force. So the Creator in his desire to share, to become manifested created many things, of which one is man. Man was another method, another channel by which the Force would become expressed. This is the only reason the only reason why creation began at the very beginning. For the purpose and the sole purpose So that the Creator could extend itself, like, we learned to Ten Luminous Emanations number one the internal characteristic of a good person is what? To share. That's the very nature of a good person. We assume that the Force is something of a positive nature and therefore, anything that is of a positive nature wishes to expand, wishes to move out from the confines of that area. To become manifest, that was the only reason why things became manifest, why the world was created why one of the entities that were created called man was created not for men's purpose, not because man was created, so he can keep the Torah many believe that they are here so they could become good religionists. That is not true. The only purpose of the creation including man was so as to make manifest the Force. The Torah is not talking about eating of the tree of knowledge or not eating of the tree of knowledge. What Adam looked at the tree of knowledge, he had a full meal, and he didn't have to go to the bathroom. Because he connected with that internal Force. Because we know that whatever we eat, we still maintain a certain amount of strength, is that right? But yet, a certain aspect must be excreted. The physicality of it is excreted. Are we left with anything else? I'd sure hope so. If we were in a good physical condition where did that good physical condition or feeling of satiation come from? It's certainly not the corporeal aspect of the food because that disappears, that leaves us. So, if the soul is the Creator... It's a part of the Creator, that's correct. Relative to the body, the soul is part, as it says in the Talmud, It's part of God. What do you mean it's part of God? they are pieces like the mountain. You know, you take a piece of stone from the mountain, I can separate the stone from the mountain and say This piece of stone is part of the mountain or was part of the mountain, but when you're speaking of souls how can you refer to the soul as part of God meaning at what ever level the soul has this internal characteristic as respects or relative to the body. It is a creator. Therefore the Creator is within all of us. That aspect of the Force is here. Because there would not be motivation, even at its lowest level of lifting this cup, if there was not something internal, or that person cannot lift the cup, for what reason? because that Force, the Force of the Creator no longer exists. It's left the body. A tree that is severed from the ground, what happen? It dies. What died? Before there was movement, growth. Now it doesn't. Somehow something disappeared. What disappeared? The Force of the Creator. What else? There is only one force. We've discussed this many times. You know, there some people that consider the table...

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