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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~13:25:46 - 13:39:45

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If you guys want some, just get it. I put it over there. Do you have ice? Get some ice for him. Go get some ice. How much to get the ears pierces? 10? Not this one. I thought this one was 10. I'm going to put this one on. This one is 9, right? Yep, it's 9. I thought it was 10. Is that Skol? Skol? Was it really awesome? I saw it on TV and it was packed! I said, "Man!" I chose one already. I like Prodigy, you know? You were high, weren't you Rael? I picked out a sound. He said Prodigy brought the house down. They're insane! Any incense left? What? Any incense left? No, there's some here. Want me to light it up? So, did you eat the fruit? Eat it man, it's good. I brought a crazy skate DVD. There's some cool ragga here. Insane, isn't it? Where the... Did you talk to them or not? Where are the matches? Hey, man... No, I'm done with the tape, thanks! I think he went to the field there, man. Whaaa? Get some ice in the kitchen and fill up your glass. You said there was a guy from Sorocaba. Do you know anyone there? No, I don't know anyone there man. Nobody. I was just in and out of Sorocaba. Just in and out? There are many PVT there, right? In Sorocaba? A lotta PVT there? Really? Rael, do me a favor. Hey, go get the bottle man, what are you afraid of? Excuse me. I feel like dumb Are you crazy? I was crazy yesterday. I was pretty crazy yesterday. Pretty crazy. I used to go around back in my Prodigy days, man. Then I got a CD and said, "I'ma listen to it." Crazy? Sit down man. Dude. Here you go. We can enjoy some. Let the music playin' and turn the DVD on. So, Rael? We can turn on the PlayStation. What's up, bro? We can turn on the PlayStation. What's up, Paulo? Paulo, what's up? You good, man? Yep, pretty nice. This sound is very awesome. This is really awesome. Where's Will's PlayStation? Turn it on. Why? To have the skate DVD playin' and the music playin' too. No, but what's that-- That's cool. You gonna cry when it starts. It's there, I told you. James Brown's. Look, I got it. You forgot it here yesterday, right? Where's Miyagui, man? Miyagui called yesterday and he wanted to go to the show. What? Did you get it today? The other day. So, Paulo! So, Wellington! Did you see the game yesterday? The worst game ever, man! Bro, that was the worst-- They got into a fight. Man, I didn't want the team to fall apart. But they're always fighting, bro! I told Caetano. He said: "That game there!" I said: "So, let's see, they're kind of, you know?" They argued, we lost 7 to 1 against Bola Mais Um. Where are Erimar and Wilson? They're in the field. Probably... Are you goin' there? Are you goin' there? I already went. I gotta tattoo later. Is that Matumbi over there? No, it's Nação Zumbi. I have another Nação Zumbi too. I left my DVD there. That one? Santa Barbara? No, The Walleyes, right? Santa Barbara's over there, you can play it later if you want. Later, of course! So, I saw there was this fight. Two Prodigy songs. 'Cause, they're not catchy, you know? It's pretty intense, right? It's really awesome. I think Prodigy is one of a kind, man. He's one of a kind. It's like that other one, it's futuristic, man. Laser, futuristic, wearing that silver mask. I'm scared of it. Play track 7, Rael. Isn't it the CD-- No? Did you get it? Download it? There's gonna be a special on Wednesday at school. MTV? Midnight. Midnight on Tuesday? Midnight. We gotta be there, bro! I'd get crazy and go around. Pretty crazy! As usual... I saw it on Rede TV. So cool. It was da bomb. Not this one. Acoustic guitar. Isn't it? No, it's not that CD. Some tracks only. It's Fábio Muié's CD. Fábio. No, no. Isn't it? Sounds just like it. Man, that's the best one because of the beat, you know? Like rap. I wanted to listen to Voodoo People. Poison, that's the one. I thought it was Voodoo People. Poison. Hey. Crazy beat. It's like ragga in the beginning. Paulo, what about the boys? They're gonna be here any time now. Really? My brother's was leaking, you know. Dilated. Really? Next week it's gonna be here. Man. This beat is cool. Where are you gonna get the video game? It's here, man. It's here. Just plug it in. Are we playin'? So, how are we gonna do it? The chair, and laying in bed? How did we do it? Were you laying or sitting down? You were on the couch and I was sitting down. We could do it upstairs, in the morning. But it was in a hurry. Really? Coulda been yesterday, but we have the show today... You needed me yesterday, but I was in São Lourenço. No, that's cool. No problem. Poison here. Poison here. Aren't you drinkin'? Aren't you drinkin'? Where are you gonna play today? Itapecerica da Serra. You comin'? Said he would. Did he play yesterday? Yep. Put the skate DVD on. Is this is? The skate DVD? I don't know if they switched it, but it's a Nike one. Digital Diverse. That's it. This beat is like for break dancin', right? It's break dancin', right? Duda told me, man. I couldn't come 'cuz I was exhausted. That was Friday, right? Friday? Friday. So, I couldn't come 'cuz I was exhausted, so I went to bed, man. I was watching Globo Repórter and-- When the thieves were sayin': "Brought it down! Brought it down!" I was already out. I wanted to watch the news, but I couldn't. I was like: "I'm gonna go to bed." No, you skipped it. I know, but look at you, man. No, like, I'm not watching too much TV. I just wasn't in the mood to go out and said: "Wanna watch some TV, wanna watch the news." But I couldn't even stay up. Pooped out. Pooped out all night. What are the guys drinkin'? Are they drinkin' tea downstairs? So they had a meeting already? Hey, take it, you know all about DVDs. You could bring the tribute DVD. For the radio. A 19 y.o. won it, right? Yeah, man. A beginner in the league, you know. Napoli, he sang on the radio? He did. Napoli went yesterday. Jimmy went on Friday. He's taking some. What about that one, Paulo? Was he there? That one? I'm gonna check what they want, man. Are we goin'? Let's go. Downstairs? Gotta go downstairs? Did you come on your bike? It's downstairs. Let's go, then. This one is so cool!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Andorra
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

Back in his room with friends.

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