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Colossi of love: Kamaki pt.1

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"You Are beautiful, I Love you.."♫♪ On the first night I met my husband! I have even given lessons in sex .. Parlez vouz Francais? Oui .. Ah .. Moi no parlez Francais. You dont feel like a stranger any more even though you will always be a foreign person here. A huge hanger with a fat chain hanging from your neck .. Very tight pants, especially on the places of the male sex organs to show masculinity and .. And basically .. their "Barbarism" SO much thirst for Greek "products"! We live the life Wherever we went, they did the "Kamaki" In those days we didnt want a relationship with a Greek woman. Pretty much because .. We didnt want trouble! Welcome in this island of Rhodos and the little train. Obviously Im the driver and Ill take you on a nice trip to see the Acropolis, the Panóroma and the ancient stadium, the city and the city from behind. Thank you. And you can also take pictures if you want nice photos. Normally the train is not a guide trip, there is no explanatory guide. This is ofcourse not my job, It is not possible to speak all the languages ​​also ey? We have people that speak English, French, Deutch, Holland and from everyhere. Many different people, many different languages ​​on the trains so it's not possible. Anyway, I say I try! The season started in February. We even made a song that goes .. "Sixteenth of February, everyone sees suspenders. The pretty girls are coming, dressed like nightingales (pretty)" And then we went to the airport, free and unbound .. Kids, what are you waiting for? Waiting? We're sitting, we're not waiting for anything. Youre not waiting for anything? But then why sit at the side of the road? We're basically waiting for Kamaki .. Ah ok, so for kamaki. Yes, for time to pass a bit .. Ehh and around 21:00 we'll go to some disco .. and then to bed. :) Yeah .. So tell me, over here, tell me your style of kamaki .. I dont know, a girl walks past, you hit on her, if she likes you then alright, and you leave with her .. And if she says "hey I have a boyfriend", then I did it in the wrong way. I remember there once was a documentary about Kamaki. But I dont remember seeing it .. Because it was censored with the government of Papandreou. When I first heard the phrase "Kamaki" I didnt understand what it was .. What the hell is that? No such word even exists in my home country. Then they told me what it was, that it is the .. whats that called? What you FISH with! That its the "spear" what you catch fish with! A harpoon! And it scared me! I said, "By god, does everyone want to 'stab' everything in this country?" The girls would see a Greek man and it would be a "harpoon" to the heart. Like I said, everything was so much simpler in that time. No rules, nothing was set or thought of. Just freedom. The goal and reasons were clear, no contracts to be broken, no fears or distrust There was just the beautiful thought of having a good time and that was all. It was a word that .. was mostly used by the older generation. And when the older people saw us walking on the street at night with a girl, the next morning they would ask .. "So what happened? Did you harpoon her?" I started in 1967/1968. On Rhodos, my first baby steps. And slowly slowly I got better. Knowing 1 or 2 English words, the Greeks, the Rhodites, did the Kamaki as we called it. With our tight pants, T shits with the muscles out, the hairstyle, the 'afro' hairstyle that was in fashion in those days. Sitting in the room, hitting on some girl. The words we knew were small but sweet. Little sentences like "do you want to dance?" And from there you started a little relationship .. Because it was adventurous "How long have you been here in Greece?" We came on Friday "So you are only here for one week?" Yes for a week! "And where are you going now?" Are you going to eat? Yes we are hungry, very hungry! Ok I will say, because unfortunately i cannot buy you dinner because i havnt got money with me .. I would like, after dinner would you like to meet each other and go and have a drink and a dance? We like Greek dancing! Greek dance? Yes! we like it very much! Ok we take you to the very Greek taverna! and you can see very good Greek dancing You can see us to dance, we are the best dancers in town. Me and him we are professional Greek dancers We dont like disco. No Disco, Greek dance, See Zorba's dance? we can dance .. Chasapiko, Sirtaki you can see you can see the belly dance .. So ould you like to go to the taverna with us? To get something to eat? Yes .. Very good, we can go eat together then if you like. e can go even now. Ok, where are we going? In this direction is a very nice Greek taverna where we can see all the Greek dances and have such a good time .. Alright, lets go! What is your name anyway? My name is Sinika .. And you? Rita .. Rita! And you come from ... Finland .. Yes, we are from Finland! I like Finland, I have been there. Really? Yes I was in Helsinki .. It was fantastic, we were princes .. And we still are princes! The Kamakia were very .. sure of themselves. It showed cause they had that look. The hairstyle. They wore very confident clothes, they moved strong, so they really wanted us to see them. The kamakia had confidence which comes from the Greek soul. These days still, a Greek lover is much more confident and brave than for example a Finnish man. It would take a Finnish man at least 4 or 5 drinks to ask a girl to dance or to dare anything Just to get a bit of the spirit and to build up the courage to come near a girl and talk to her It would take a real rebel in Finland to do anything like a "kamaki" But he would never say anything like "come with me to go someplace!" No .. He talk about things and other things .. And after a while .. he might start hinting. He would never be so "straight" like they do here. Its in the nature of the Greeks to have this kind of confidence. And its confidence .. Well I dont think that its confidence with bad intentions. Or that its because we are people that just generally let our intentions show much quicker than any other country. Like Europeans for example, who are closed. You see like on Rhodos, we know who our neighbours are. We talk with our neighbours, we say 'good day, good afternoon' we have that. We are open people. Im still young .. Always will. And I can say that im one of the first kamaki on Rhodos. I know this. The tourist came, from all over. And they were much more advanced than us. (Technology etc.) And especially more advanced than the locals on Rhodos. Local girls wouldnt go out anymore .. And so we grew up a lot and learnt to live a little bit more modern in comparison to the other places in Greece. Because of the foreign girls. News man: 'The prediction that in 1981 tourism would be limited, on a worldwide scale' Was not true for Greece. In fact the opposite was true. Again this year tourism grew. Again Greece hosted in the first 6 months more foreigners, than any other country in the world. On the list, on number 1 position are the British. with 16% of all tourists. on number 2 are the Germans with 14.4%, the Yugoslavians with 10%, the french with 6.3% Americans with 6%, followed by Swedish, Italian, Austrian, Dutch, Swiss, Danish and Australians ranging from 5% to 2.3% respectively. I came to Rhodos for holiday in 1980. With the charter planes. I wanted to see for myself what Rhodos was. Everyone in Finland was talking about 'Rhodos, rhodos, Rhodos "Even if they had travelled very much. So I really wanted to see. Rhodos in those days was already very advanced when it comes to tourism. There was no such thing in the rest of Greece. We were opened It all started in those days .. It was the tourism, the time of disco which created the buzz Another way of life ofcourse for us. It as the time when in Greece the dictatorships ended. In Greece, people were starting to finally feel free again. I was young and ofcourse thats what i was interested in. Beautiful beaches, strong nightlife, which we didnt have strongly in Northern Europe. The Europeans want sun. Sun and Sea. And I believe Greece shouldnt advertise her ancient ruins Because no one cares about our ancient ruins. They come for the sun, sea and adventure because that is what they are missing in their lives. In the 70's it started to get real good. thats when the 'Boom' happened with the clothes, the hair .. The favorites, all that fell into place back then. Awesome clothes, and we went out .. How a kamaki was dressed to go to the clubs to hit on girls?? ... Most times a kamaki wore in the 70's, the flair bottom pants with the low crotch and a big belt buckle With some bangles and trinkets maybe We didnt wear earrings, like we do now. We wore the big shoes with the heels. Flair pants. Silk shirt, big belts with buckles. Very tight pants, especially around the male sex organs to show their masculinity and basically .. their "barbarism" to give it a name. Shirt open down to the belly button. A big Hanger with a fat chain, comb in your backpocket, our heels sometimes even reached sizes of 15 to 20 cm. Like extreme stilettos nowadays! Black shoes with sometimes white or lemon colored socks.

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Greek Kamaki

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