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Sami Awad: The Light in Humanity

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global oneness project The Light in Humanity I do not lose hope at all. But I'm also not living in the clouds and away from the reality. Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director The Holy Land Trust The situation is very difficult, the oppression is very harsh, the occupation is not easy, the violence that families on both sides, Palestinians and Israelis have suffered is tremendous. The tears that a mother cries in Palestine are the same tears an Israeli mother cries when both of their children are killed and I get very angry from seeing this injustice continue. But I'm always hopeful and I'm always looking for individuals that have that same hope, no matter where they are in this world. That can see that the future will be the future that we all seek, that its not just a pipe dream we are talking about, and more and more we are seeing Palestinians and Israelis who are starting to see a new vision for this land. More and more we are seeing Palestinians come to us, not just requesting, but demanding for us to train them in nonviolence. A few years ago when we talked about nonviolence, we were almost shunned from society. It was the talk of the traitors, the collaborators the Moussad agents, the CIA agents, thats what we were accused of being. And now when we talk about nonviolence, its a fully accepted language. We are doing more trainings now in nonviolence then what we are able to meet. 40 trainers work with us and we are not able to meet the demand for training in nonviolence that we are getting. Its very basic, its very grass roots now, but it is there and its growing. This is where that power of humanity comes in play. When things almost reach this pit bottom of life, all of a sudden this light begins to shine in humans and they start looking at things with new eyes, and that's what we are seeing tremendously within the Palestinian community at this time. What we need to do is, when we talk about narratives of individuals and of communities, I compare it to that light within humanity that everyone has. The stories and the experiences and the interpretations that we have, as if they create layers of dust on that light, and as the years go on, as the stories intensify, as an individual grows in these narratives, from being a child, now he grows into these narratives and stories, these layers of dust and dirt begin to cover and cover and cover until almost that light stops shining and is completely sometimes covered by these layers of mud and dirt and dust, and I have seen Israeli soldiers at checkpoints, just by engaging with them in a very simple dialog, its like just one blow, and that light shines in them in an incredible way. This transformation happens, four soldiers carrying guns, confronting us in these nonviolent actions, and just in 2 or 3 sentences they realize there is more to life than that. There is more to being a Jew than that, more to being Israeli than oppressing Palestinians. Now these other layers have been built so strong that its not going to take just a few of us blowing at them, we're going to need some heavy machinery to dig into them. But its about having this commitment and realization that every single individual human being born has this light in them. No matter how oppressive, no matter how unjust, no matter how cruel they might be, it is to understand what makes this light from not shining in their life and how to address that and how to heal that becomes the challenge for us. And to commit to putting every single effort to doing that is very powerful.

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Posted by: global on Aug 11, 2008

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