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Hubblecast 81: Ode to Hubble

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Hubble has achieved an extraordinary amount in its lifetime. Stunning images… ...cutting-edge science... ...and great feats of engineering and bravery by those who control and service it. Next year will mark Hubble’s 25th birthday, and we're all getting ready to celebrate a quarter century of these great achievements. The year 2015 will be filled with Hubble-related activities for you to enjoy and, most importantly, get involved with. Now is the time to show once more what Hubble means to you. Episode 81: Ode to Hubble Throughout Hubble's history the public have been part of its legacy. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured the public’s imagination for decades, and pops up in writing, art, and all over the media. Hubble has always welcomed and encouraged the public’s involvement, and they've responded in kind. In November this year the ESA/Hubble Facebook page reached one million friends, and to celebrate, Hubble staff showed their appreciation by taking photos of themselves thanking Hubble’s friends. Hubble’s fans reciprocated in kind and we were able to see the faces behind the Hubble friends in their own 'one in a million' selfies. But this isn’t just a neat way for us to say thank you; public support feeds and funds our outreach and our science. In 2012 we launched the “Hubble’s Hidden Treasures” competition, where we invited people to dig around in Hubble’s data archive for buried gems we had missed. The response was phenomenal and the winning images were stunning. In fact we are still releasing many of the unearthed datasets as Pictures of the Week! To celebrate 25 years of a truly remarkable telescope, its staff, and its fans, we are pulling out all the stops for 2015. Join us by being part of our biggest competition yet: “Ode to Hubble” will launch early next year and give you the chance to get creative and show how Hubble has inspired you. As long as it can be uploaded as a YouTube video you can submit anything: pan over a drawing, scroll over a poem or text, film your own Hubblecast, create an animation, or record yourself performing, composing music, or vodcasting. Just make it innovative, creative, and, most of all, inspired by Hubble, one of its great discoveries, or one of its stunning images. Ten specially selected Hubble images showcase what the telescope has achieved in its 25 years in orbit, and make a great starting point to get creativity flowing for anyone who wants to get involved. We cannot wait to see what you come up with, and given the creative flair shown by children and adults alike on the “Your Hubble Pictures” Flickr page, we have no doubt there will be some gems. Even after 25 years, Hubble remains inspirational. So look out for the range of Hubble celebrations from NASA and ESA next year, and get ready to show us what Hubble means to you! Hubblecast is produced by ESA/Hubble at the European Southern Observatory in Germany. The Hubble mission is a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency. Transcribed by ESA/Hubble, Translated by ---

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Country: Germany
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Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Director: Georgia Bladon
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Posted by: esahubble on Dec 4, 2014

Hubble has achieved an extraordinary amount in its lifetime and 2015 will mark 25 years since its launch. The year 2015 will be filled with Hubble-related activities for you to enjoy and, most importantly, get involved with. In this Hubblecast we look back at some of the ways in which you have shown your appreciation for Hubble in the past and let you in on what the Hubble 25 celebrations have to offer. More information on the 25th anniversary can be found on the dedicated web pages.

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