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You know, one of the great joys about being able to share with you my methodology of photography is, is that I get to introduce you to what possibly will become some of the lowest points of your life. Hi, I'm Bryan Peterson, I'm the author of "Understanding Exposure" and "Bryan Peterson's Field Guide to Composition". What I mean by finding out new low points in your life is simply this: point of view, more often than not, is going to have a tremendous impact on the success or not success of your images. In this particular case you can clearly see I've got some foreground yellow bald dandelions, I've got some green grass past that, I've got obviously a highway, and fortunately for me I've also got one of my students, Camilla here, who happened to show up at today's workshop wearing a bright pink sweater. Right away bright pink is gonna get you in trouble if you come to my workshop cause you will be put into a video. So, with that in mind, let's go through the steps: I'm gonna get down low, the minute I go down low, interestingly enough, the rest of the world elevates, meaning we're not gonna see that road, we're gonna see only foreground flowers and blue sky. Now as I pan that camera up look what's happening behind Camilla, look at that wonderful single cloud, we're gonna have to be quick to grab it. So with that in mind, I'm gonna get down low, I'm gonna use these foreground flowers, I'm gonna have her run towards me and do a cheerleader jump, I'm a big fan of the jump, I love the jump, love the jump, I wont deny it. Setting this whole thing up, 400 ISO because I gotta be concerned about freezing action of her, I also need f/22 because I want maximum depth of field and if you know my other videos you know that f/22 with the wide angle focal point that in this case is 17, I need to be able to get massive depth of field, in this case, from roughly 15 inches to infinity, f/22 at a 200th to the second with 400 ISO. That's the correct exposure here, OK? So, the one meter mark, as you can see right here, I'm gonna set it up, the distance mark, one meter. All set and ready to go. This on a full frame camera, that's 17 mm. You will do the same thing on a crop camera between 12 and 16 and you will get the same overall sharpness of front to back. So with that in mind, Camilla, run towards me and 1, 2, 3, jump! Perfect. Take a look at that. It's as simple as it gets. So if you're looking for ways to find new low points in your life, that I promise will give you tremendous happiness and joy. Consider getting down low, in this case in using foreground interest. Until next time, this is Bryan Peterson saying: you, keep shooting.

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