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Belron are the world leaders in repair and replacement of automotive glass, operating out of 37 countries worldwide, employing around about 30,000. Here in the UK, you know us as Autoglass. We employ around 2,500 people. The biggest market we have is the US. In the US, you will know as Safelite. We sort of fell on PowerApps by a bit of an accident if I am honest. Martin used to work in one of our operation centers. He was just seen as somebody who had a little bit of initiative about him and was interested in modern technology. We set Martin off on a bit of a crusade to find better ways of doing it. Consequently, he has found himself restructured into the business, working almost primarily on developing these PowerApps for us. He has done an amazing job. Once I started building these apps and it was getting known, people just kept coming to me to build these apps. We have 40 apps out there. We have got every single department after a different app. Working with Martin, from somebody like myself who has no app building experience, I needed that support. That is where Martin came into play. From a very quick meeting where we discussed the initial design concept to a demo where we could view, see how it worked, see where we need to make changes, and those changes could be put in very quickly. Since I have known him, and he has progressed more into the development side of things, he has got a real passion for helping people and tackling task that perhaps are a bit unseen and that no one has really taken on before. I love my job. It gives me great pleasure to build these apps and see people using them while I walk around head office. The Technical Help Desk app is used to gather the information from the call. By that, we take the technician's "Name", we take the "Product" that they are calling about, and a few other key bits of information. It is then put together with what they are calling about. If it is about a product, we can take what issue they had, what action we gave them, and ask them to check, and then what advice we gave that person to get over that problem they had. Before PowerApps, if we had a delay on a job because somebody was trying to contact a dispatch center, the old-fashioned way of working, then that would impact the next customer. If there was a 10-minute delay, trying to sort out something over the telephone could not get through for instance, the next customer, we would be late for, which is not great. The use of PowerApps will hopefully, and we have already seen good signs of that, is to not only make us more efficient but it will be some cost savings and some engagement issues for the staff because making the jobs easier is part of what we are trying to do.

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