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Codigo de Etica Empresarial de la EBSA

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♫♫♫ Do you know which behaviors can be considered unethical by your company? Know where to report improper behavior in your company? ¿conoces los tres pasos de una cultura etica, pregunta, consulta y actua? Do you know the three steps of an ethical culture, question, query and acts? How long have no code of ethics consultations on your business? so that we can answer these questions correctly,EBSA designed the code of ethics and business conduct specially crafted document that includes several principles of ethics and business conduct aplcables generally to any charge of EBSA workers either the operational, administrative or service area. The code of ethics is a set of rules and regulations that make all the tasks carried out in the boyaca energy company be made within a set of values ​​for all actions are ethically made. our code of ethics is updated to the new circumstances of today's world. primarily seek no tolerance for corruption, bribery, harassment, money laundering, and all behaviors that prevent us around our code of ethics, our future will be quieter and with better results This code of ethics and business conduct contains 27 standards are divided into eight major points. ethics and business practices. working environment compliance with laws, rules and regulations Money Laundering policies against bribery and corruption code compliance notices and interpretation Internal and contact information through the ethics phone line. ethics phone line is the feedback mechanism by which the code account and serves to report conduct that rape the code and put at risk the integrity of the company and its workers ethics in this line will be trasnparecy guarantee absolute confidentiality and especially people who use it it is a means of communication to which we invite all to use to ensure the transparent development of our company an objective and transparent manner for best results phone line ethic do the right thing and tell us with confidence. is important to understand that ethics line is not the 115 phone line phone 115 line is for everything related to our service and quality ethic phone line is to denounce the unethical conduct of officials of our company, our partners and contractors. Ethics in line should not be making claims about the provision of services, but the behaviors that damage our standards must becertify compliance thereof this certification, you must renew annually through the certification form received like the statement of compliance. remember that for our company compliance code and the basic rules is essential to the performance of EBSA workers Men and women of pure energy boyacense. ♫♫♫

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Country: Colombia
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Posted by: andresonico on Aug 23, 2014

Conozca como la Empresa de energia de Boyacá, aplica los modelos de etica en la cempresaila de todos sus funcionariosy contratistas.

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