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Felix The Cat

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Felix Gets The Can "This is so boring, I am not catching a single fish." "Oh gosh darn it! A boot! That is not a fish." "Let's try this again, shall we." "...any bites yet?" -sigh- "Nope, so lets find out why." "Hurry up with the worms already, before he comes back!" say the two impatient fish. -Gulp, gulp.- "Oh my gosh! Where did all my worms go? Now I'm not going to be able to catch any fish. I give up." "Awe, I'm so hungry. I wasn't able to catch a thing today." "Lunch?... Fish today?... Maybe I will be able to eat today." "I could take it, but what if someone sees me? Oh but it smells so good." "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY FISH?" The angry owner shouts. "If you can't pay for that fish, you don't get to eat it." "I'm really sorry sir, but I'm just really hungry," apologizes Felix. "Too bad, no money, no food. Now out of my shop!" replies the owner. -Ugh- "Awe man, now my head really hurts." "Wait, what was it that hit me?" "Oh my goodness is that food? Yes! Woot! I will survive!" -The can of food begins to relay a message- "You have come across a magical message." "There is a large abundance of hidden food up in Alaska." "Yum, yum. Yes, food for me! Looks like I'm going to Alaska." "But wait.. how am I going to get there? Awe this is going to be a problem." "Hey! I can use those as skiis." "Hmmm...but now I need something to pull me." "I got it! I can use those sausages!" "Now off to Alaska we go!" Into The Frozen North "Uhg...that took forever! I'm so tired now. I need food." "Maybe I'll find some food in here." "Please. Sir? I'm really hungry. Do you know where I can get some food?" "-sigh- Nice and warm." "Mmm that looks good. Maybe i could just..." The Northern man yells, "Hey you!! That's mine! No stealing!" "Ok. How many bullets can this man honestly have!?" "They are still coming!" "Well now where do I go?" "Yahoo! Looks like that's a perfect place!" "There it is!" "Yahoo!" "Here fishy fishy fishies." "AHHH! I can't swim!!! Oh No!" "HELP! Someone help me!!" "Holy! I'm still alive? That was close!" "Darn fish!" "Na Na Na Boo Boo!" "Hey, what's that?" " how do I get there?" "Hey little buddy. I need your help. How quick can you weave a net? I need to catch some fish to eat." "I'm fast! Just watch!" "Ohhhh yes. This is gonna work perfect!" "Thanks little buddy!" "Oh not again! I can't swim! Help me!" "Uh oh! This isn't good." It was Friday back home in a restaurant "What in goodness! This isn't what I ordered!" said the man. "I wonder what this is?" "Tahda! says Felix. "And now...for my lunch." -Mmm mmm- Good." The End

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Duration: 10 minutes and 1 second
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: M.J. Winkler
Director: Pat Sullivan
Views: 69
Posted by: sweetsour024 on Nov 2, 2009

Felix has trouble catching fish on his own, so he tries to steal some. The shop owner throws a can at Felix and gives him an idea: go to Alaska, where the fish are plentiful and large, and try to catch some there.

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