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Paraula de Pep 1

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Pep Guardiola! 'Paraul de Pep' (World Pepa) is a short video documentary about Guardiola. It depicts the Barca coach Pep as of 2008-2009 season Video was created by the Catalan TV3 television. Was published two days before the Champions League final Welcome to the new season! Welcome home! You must fasten your seatbelts, because we will have fun VISCA el Barça, Catalunya VISCA! ... And good luck! A few weeks before the official announcement of Guardiola as coach of Barcelona. Pep Guardiola has decided that it does not give any interview. And so he did. Barca coach chose the room, as a place where you will speak to the people. Here everyone could get to know his philosophy of the new Barcelona. His idea of ​​style, football and a new way of proceeding. Also, his way of being. Here you can also see, with which he began working passionately current Blaugrana coach. At all levels of the club, indoor and outdoor club. He did not accept the news that somewhere you can let it go. Zaczęcamy to join an exciting journey, in which once again watch the work he has done this season Pep. With Barça after records! Let's relive. June 2008 This month, Pep was appointed coach of FC Barcelona. Guardiola explained from the beginning that everyone would be doing what belongs to him. Parents sat in the audience Pepa, who, supported him very much. I feel strong, feel good and am ready for this challenge. And believe me, that if it were not so, do not sit here. The team will work properly, if I manage to complete my plan. They will play and strive for the highest goals. I'm not going to remind them of old successes. We must begin to live again. I am a leader, and they'll follow me. Together we achieve success. Follow me, follow me. However, a new adventure Pepa did not start too well. After two league matches, Barca did not win the account, and Pepa on the head fall over the first wave of criticism. It was said that Guardiola is too inexperienced and did not cope with running such a great team. But Guardiola and the rest of the trainers managed to infuse the team a new style ... and win with the bad luck that beset Blaugrana. Regardless of where the ball is, we have to play their own and occupy their positions ... We need to maintain connectivity between positions, and today this was not seen. What do you want me you say? I do not have too many arguments. I think we'd be in a better mood if we deservedly won the ... but failed. If we can win, my career will be long if it dies, will probably be very short. Football can not operate, so that I say: "Do this, and they are doing." "Do not do it, they do not do." No, football is a little more complicated. I see the ball, as the interaction between them. I can not expect that a player will prejudge the fate of the match. I can also focus solely on defense. I am a supporter of the beautiful game, football unpredictable. Where all depend on each other and closely cooperate. I would like the player who has the ball, he can choose a few options, to whom is given. I want my players saw what a good pressing and it may be beneficial. We will play much closer to rivals. And once we regain the ball, hold it so long until it's shot on goal possible rivals. When a rival will have futbolówkę, we will do our utmost to regain it very soon. I can now guarantee that it is essential this season. [Press] After a 1-1 draw, you have a new plan for the match? Try to close the mouth of the critics? Attack, we need to score goals. When you attack, you can often strike on goal and creating more opportunities for themselves. And when not attacking and speculating, you lose the chance to score goals. This is a very dangerous team [Lyon] if you have the ball near the opponent's goal. No, no ... We have to go the whole team i. .. Win the game. We recover the ball, play beautifully and attack. Our actions must start from the defense. If the defenders play well, we have a good chance. We have to play fair play. The only thing that now I think are the next matches. We can not speculate, we have to play ball and make deals podbramkowe. That is what my players forward. PLAYERS Victor ... has proven that he is ready. It's the perfect goalkeeper for Barcelona. Defense is fine, I have great confidence in them. The availability of such players as Sylvinho, Carles whether Martin is something extraordinary. Many times we have helped. It makes life easier for everyone. [Alves] He is never tired. I really wanted to give him some rest ... but when I see how he plays with such enthusiasm ... It is true that Barca has brought an extraordinary player. He not only shows a lot on the pitch, but also a great motivating teammates. Brings to the team a lot of fun. It is one of those who likes to let go of the music and cheer up others. Xavi'ego attitude this year is extraordinary. It is the player who must participate in any action. Xavi gives the rhythm of each share, almost everything depends on it. It is very clever and witty. Xavi gives a lot in midfield. Andreas ... This ... Andreas. Andreas is ... Andres not only plays well all the time. I always give him an example, for future generations of youth teams. Just look at him, not stand out in a special way. He does not wear earrings, hair do not get along and do not dye their ... Everyone knows that he is great. Even if he played for 20 minutes, he never complained. No matter at what position to play, he never complains. Andres always beautiful and always plays hard he trains. When you suffer an injury, was very upset because he wants to get back and help the team. Such people are invaluable. Thierry ... For me the best player in the history of Arsenal. It is the absolute leader in the French team and always plays at a very high level. Until that has a lot of humility in himself, which is rarely seen in such stars. He has extraordinary skills. Always insert the disposal of the phenomenal and shows that it is possible, even at this age ... This is for many of his peers is not easy. It is through such people are leaders. Of course, also say that Leo is a genius. We're helping, and he likes what he does. Leo loves Barcelona and Barça loves Leo. Leo never plays badly, never. He is too good to let go of yourself a match. This is a very strong guy. And it's not just about the size of the muscles. He is like an animal. It is very strong physically and is tenacious. We will do everything to make this year even better. I want to see a smile on his face. If Leo is smiling ... everything becomes simpler. Forward, is a very exceptional players. They live for shooting goals. Once loaded into the gate, then they want more and more. Each hit gives them glory and stands out from others. If you look at all the best shooters, we see that each was unique in its own way. "I want to get that goal." You just have to believe strongly in yourself and try. I am lucky that can lead such great players. For now, the cooperation comes to us perfectly.

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Posted by: jampanfcb on Jun 25, 2009

'Paraula de Pep'(Świat Pepa) to krótki filmik dokumentalny o Guardioli. Ukazuje on Pepa jako trenera Barçy z sezonu 2008-2009.

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