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When we pray Thy Kingdom Come, when you do, what do you think's going on, what do you expect from that prayer? I think I sense in my own mind both the deep unease at how things are and a firm and sometimes, some days, buoyant hope that they will be transformed. So it's a prayer of longing and therefore it has its elements of contrition in it, but it's also a prayer of hope, a prayer of trust in the promise that all things in Christ will be rendered good and whole and given to the Father. So to me it is a very wonderful prayer where there is a harmony that is written into creation will be achieved And in the meantime we live with unease and pain and regret and great fidelity to the promise of what Christ can do and what Christ will do. I find that really moving, because it seems to say that when we encourage people to join in this 10 days of prayer, between 10 and 20 May, and praying Thy Kingdom Come, praying for those who are outside the life of the church, praying for situations and tragedies and good things, they don't have to come full of, in exactly the right place, they just come as they are, with the pain and that wonderful word unease – which may come from their own life. Sure. Sure. It will do. It will do. I think the other thing that has crossed my mind recently is that the Kingdom is written into creation. It was put to me, that when we think of our task of proclaiming Jesus we should remember that the unfolding of the incarnation goes back to the first act of creation. And it is because the world is created through that eternal word, that gradually becomes a fitting dwelling place for the incarnate word. So one person said to me, he says 'Do you know, the task of evangelisation can't just consist in the last chapter, you have to tell the whole story.' And so we have to be able to somehow help each other to see that this is God's creation, it is good, it is beautiful, it is purposeful, and without that sense of our world and of ourselves, it's as if the coming of Christ into the flesh of our world can't quite happen, because our heart and mind is not open to the beauty that is there to receive him. It seems to me that also though implies that when we pray Thy Kingdom Come it's not that we can sit back and fold our arms and say 'Over to you, mate,' it's saying 'We will participate, we will take our share in that. And we will take our share in it because we are convinced that the innate nature of our world and of ourselves is good and beautiful and therefore is to be brought to its fulfilment. What an amazing phrase, that the innate sense of ourselves and our world is beautiful. And really that's ... such a healing thing to be involved in praying. Yes. We kind of get closer to people and to those spheres of their life where there is love. They know that. They know the innate goodness of each other. I was visiting some dying people this afternoon: there was a beauty about them. There was one women sitting with her dying mother and in her eyes there was deep appreciation of her mother even though the task of looking after her is difficult. And when we have that sense that – let me put that negatively: if we don't have a sense of our own beauty and of the goodness of the world we're probably not yet in the place where we can say to somebody 'Come to Jesus' because he is coming to you. So Thy Kingdom Come is a transformative prayer, and it demands our transformation. Yes, and it demands a transformation of the way we habitually see each other and see our world. Because the Kingdom is already in the substance of the created order, otherwise it couldn't possibly be God's creation. God only does what's good and beautiful. Thank you

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Interview Vincent Edit

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