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Blue's Clues - 1x18 - What Is Blue Afraid Of?

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Subtitles downloaded from Cherry, why did you bring me here? I'm so excited! Wait and see, I'll do a triple loop jump. You're lying! Why did you bring that phone? In case somebody calls. Who is it? It's Tam, right? Umm... Have you ever been like this? I don't want to answer his calls. But I just want to know if he calls or not. I already deleted his name, so I can forget that he ever calls. Are you breaking up again? It's like a chronic disease which comes again and again. But this time it's different. Why? Don't you want to go? I didn't say I didn't want to go. I just asked if you wanted to go to the ocean yet again? Exactly, it means you don't want to go. Tam, are you aware that you've changed? The first time I met you, you weren't like this either. So... how was I? And how am I now? Before, you could take care of yourself and go alone anywhere. But lately, how come you're sticking with me all the time. Wherever I'd go, you'd have to come too. Wherever you'd go, you'd take me with you too. Noon, do you still remember the story about the two circles? I think you are crossing the line. If you feel so uncomfortable, it's better that we break up! Umm... It's probably better. Do you think the rope may break? Are you scared? Aren't you scared? Of course I'm scared. But if we can get through the most frightening thing together. Then from now on, we won't ever need to be scared of anything again. What are you philosophizing in a moment like this? I want to go work, save money and go sightseeing abroad. My aunt lives in London. I called and she should be able to help us out. What about your studies? Never mind, I'll think about it when the time comes. Do you want to come with me? How are we going to live? I have no idea. But I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun! It'll be once in our lifetime! London, Paris, Venice, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, gondolas, the leaning tower of Pisa. We are not going to leave each other, right? Go... DEAR GALILEO Dad, why didn't A-Ngoon come and help you? Ngoon! A-Ngoon! Hey, Ngoon! I'll help you Dad. We do have a washing machine. Why don't you use it? It gets much cleaner washing by hand than with machine. Just admit it, you don't really know how to use it, do you? You don't have to help me... Go and find something to eat! There's food there on the table. Dad... I was suspended one year from my studies. I want to go to Europe to work and save up some money with Noon. I don't know how long we'll stay, but it'll probably be several months. What about your studies? If there are any opportunities, we'll continue on our stay. Daddy, how come you don't understand me? Don't say this again! Before doing anything, have you ever thought how much your parents worry about you? I know you are worried, but I am going with Cherry! That's exactly why I'm worried. Just two girls, how will you be able to survive? Daddy... No! Daddy, for once, please trust me! Don't mention it anymore! I'm not going over there to die! I don't care! No matter what, I am going! Your boarding gate is E2. Go straight then turn right past the immigration queue. Thank you. You're welcome. Have a safe journey! I'm not going there to die, King. But, I don't want you to go... Hang on, I'll be right back. It's midnight already. I think you should get going now. Dad, let me bid you farewell. Hey... Ngoon. Don't worry. When the time comes, I'll bring her back with me. Don't hang out too much with your friends! Try to hang out with dad too. And those video games, don't play them too much, understand? Cherry, I'm going in now. Goodbye Dad, Ngoon bye bye! Hey everybody, I'm going now. Come back soon, bye bye! Bye bye! I'm going now, Dad. I don't think I'll call so often. I'm going. This is dad. This time you're going for a long time. I just... got something to give you. I want to tell you to be careful and don't get sick. Wherever you go, wear warm clothes. When you sleep, use a blanket so you can keep your warmth. Also take care of Noon... as well as yourself. Don't worry too much! Come on, Ngoon, let's take a picture together! You want one too? Not really! Not true! Miss Chinanat Taratorn - F. Don't you think this punishment is to harsh? It was only a permit to use the drawing room. On that day you didn't show up. It didn't matter who signed it. In the end, I would be allowed to use the room anyway. This is not about whether you'd be allowed to use the room or not. But you forged my signature. Don't you understand? But when you didn't show up, nobody is blamed. But when it's me, I am blamed. You told Jai the correct date, right? Of course! Did you tell her Thai or English time? Let's go on our own. How do we get there? Hey, don't you feel embarrassed? Who would know you? Can't we just ask? The guide book says that for our own safety we shouldn't let anyone know we're lost. But what you are doing now, you think they won't know? 32... 33... 34... We've found it! 35... Hey, 36! Hey! 38... 39... Where did 37 go? Hey, Jai! Jai... Oh Cherry, it's you. What happened to you? I am going home now. Where are you going? Jai... what about us? It's on the board, go and look! Thanks... Heathrow. She left her testament for us. Wow, are there really this many Thai restaurants here? Howard collects the rent at the end of the week. Good luck... Jai. Why do we have to turn off the lights before using the microwave? London, here I come! I'm coming too! You work 5 days a week. From 3 pm to 11 pm. I will give you Mondays and Tuesdays as your day off. You get 30 pounds a day, no tips. But I'll give you food to take home every day instead. Yes You will start working tomorrow replacing Jai, is that OK? OK! OK! Hey, Jai told me only one of you would work. I just hired somebody yesterday. You take the job. I'll find elsewhere. "Thai Best" isn't hiring, this one isn't either. "Oriental Corner" Unable to find. "Thai Wave" Bankrupt. "Thai Cafe" only hires males. There's only one place left! Where the hell is it? Mister... Mister! Do you know Thai restaurant called "The Thai"? Yeah, it's just around the corner. We're going there now. Really? Yeah Hey, we're in luck! They're also going there! Sawatdee Ka Sawatdee Ka We're looking for work. Let's go and talk downstairs. If you show up late, I deduct money... Forget to greet, I deduct money. Spill water, I deduct money. Break the dishes, I deduct money. If you don't smile, I deduct money. Do you want the job? Yes. "Home down!" What are you doing? Let's go, go! Are you both OK? Next time, don't get confused. You'll get busted! You're new, right? I just applied. I'll start in two days. You don't work here, so how come you ran? But you told me to run! Call me brother! In the restaurant community, everyone are brothers and sisters. I'm brother Tom What happened back there? "Home down!" What is it? "Home down!" are immigration officers. Remember next time. If you hear the code word "Home down!". Don't even think... just run! "Home down!" Like this? OK... water, water! Tom Yum Koong, table 5 Fried pork, table 10 4 glasses of water, table 8 Fried noodles, table 15 Hey Ngoon, do you know what I found? Oh... don't know how to say hello? Uh... hello! How is dad? He's fine. He complains that, since you're gone, he has nobody to do laundry for. Hmm... You're annoying as usual! What about you? How are you? Same as usual sis... When will you come back? Don't forget to buy me a Liverpool shirt. What do you want it for? Doesn't it cost several thousand? Come on, number 9, Torres, OK? OK, I'll think about it. Talk to you later, take care of dad... Hey, don't tell him I called. Cherry! What is that? Oh... It'll dry faster... But... it looks so disgusting! Disgusting in what way? Everybody does it like this. Tell me then, who? Stop complaining! Let's eat together! I'll cook extra for you. OK Tomorrow is my day off. Let's go out! No. Come on! No, I'm broke. I'll treat you! Cherry... This game is called "poo stick". It's very simple. We each hold one stick. Then throw the stick into the water. Whichever stick reaches the other side first, wins. That's so retarded! You have no imagination! I'm not going to play! You must play! We've arrived in the hundred acre forest. If you don't play, it means you've never been here. Hurry, count to two, OK? One, Two! You won! Of course! My stick is lighter so it'll float faster. Do you think Tam still miss me? I don't know. But I sure know you still miss him. Are you crazy? OK, let's do it like this. See these two stones? If they hit the water at the same time, it means he still miss you. But if they don't, it means he doesn't miss you anymore. You can start finding a new boyfriend. The stones are not the same size. How can they hit the ground at the same time? In theory, they must fall at the same time. Who told you? It's Galileo. He said that, if you drop the same material from the same height, even if their weights are different, they'll hit the ground at the same time. Unless the wind gives you bad luck. Come on! Count to 2. 1... 2 Not the same time! It means he doesn't miss you anymore. Honestly, I don't really care that much. Is that so? Dear Mr. Galileo. Last night, the "poong" sound was the sound of Cherry's fart, right? 1... 2 You farted! Dear Mr. Galileo. Last night, Noon cried and was homesick again, right? 1... 2 See? Mr. Galileo said it's not true! Dear Mr. Galileo. Will Cherry ever stop being rude? 1... 2 You can't do like this! You can't cancel! How rude! I'm the customer, remember? You ordered it, ah, you have to eat it... Well... I'll eat it to please you. But I'm not paying for it! Now you! Cherry! Sorry Madame! I will take care of it. Thank you very much. Go in the back! But, Nual, look at her! Go right now! You've been here for just one month, are you going to argue with the customers already? It was already cooked, and she canceled it. You are a waitress! Do not disagree with the customers! Didn't I tell you this on your first day already? But stupid customers like that, how can I not argue? If you want to work here, don't argue with the customers! Do you still want to work here? If you want to work, you must accept it. If you can't accept it, go work elsewhere! Oh no! What have you done here? What have you done here? Look at this! Look at my goods! All this mess! Everyday same thing! I don't like it at all! I must call the police now! I don't want dirty! Woo... don't shout, don't shout! It's not a big deal! It's not a big deal! I'll do it! I'll do it! Go and get some salt! I'll do it, understand, you bastard! Sorry, sorry, no, no Give it to me, I will do it, relax! Everyday... everyday! Forget it! I will call the police! Go get the brush! Pan too! I'm doing it! I'm doing it! Doing what? What are you doing? Look, what you are doing! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down what? You can't make me calm down! You see? It's OK? It's OK? Is it OK? It's not OK! Thank you brother Never mind... Next time be more careful, OK? Let's go inside. When you lived in Chumporn, what did you do? What else could I do except harvesting rubber. Why did you think of coming here? If the price of rubber was good, why the hell would I be here? I'm trying my luck here. It's better than staying home doing nothing. Same as me. When I stayed home, I had nothing to do as well. Let me tell you something. Over here, sure the money is good, but it's never like living back home. You know, back home, I've got lots of friends who are cops. But over here only the sight of a cop makes me run like hell. Just wait, once I've managed to save up enough money, I'll go and let them arrest me. Let's go... To dad... The shipment costs more than the money inside the envelope. Hey, this is the first amount of money I've ever made. Hey, I didn't know your dad could smile like that. I've only seen it twice, in my life. The first time was when I got accepted to college. The second was when I won this award. When your dad smiles, he looks cute. Hey... let's take a picture! Could you take a picture of me? I'm not so good at taking pictures. Just push the shutter... Let's countdown! 3... 2... Yay... Hey... What? What? What? Excuse me! Hello! Hi! That's a really nice t-shirt! Where did you get it from? I painted it by myself. You made it yourself? Oh, OK cool, so... Can I get one from anywhere? No no, it's only one. No, oh, OK, well that's a shame. We have to get off at this stop. We're off? OK, thank you. Hey, Noon, let's get off! Quick! Hey! Hey! Hang on! Do you want to swap your shirt with my shirt? You want this shirt... for yours? Yeah, yes! Yeah... yeah definitely. There you go, it's all yours. Hey... Oh... Thank you! I finally got it! Shit! It's 3 hours till the next train home. What are we going to do? Wow, it's so beautiful. Thank you. A church... Why haven't you drawn any pictures lately. Well... I don't have a pen. We are going back to work, right? Of course! But right now, let's sightseeing first. I'm so fed up with Nual. She likes to scold for no reason. Probably no big deal if we skip one day of work, right? Are you firing me? You disappeared for a whole week. If I didn't do anything, The others would criticize me. Cherry! It's OK. The party's on me. If it takes any longer... Hang on, you'll get it in a second. This is really hard to find here in Paris. Here's my e-mail. What's that? I don't know how to use it! Just take it! We can get in touch in case one day you figure it out. Go on... I'll be right behind you. Hurry up! The next song... Please welcome Noon to come and sing at least a song with us. No, I can't sing. Don't be shy! Tomorrow, we won't see you any more. Come on! Hurry! Are you sure? Noon wants everyone to sing! "Home Down!" Where's Tom? What are you doing? Nothing, nothing! Hey, let me see! Just a minute. Wow, how many days have you already been here? Just look! 3165 days already! We are reporting to you today from the Thai restaurant. Where police and chemical investigators have raided the area after numerous complaints about a toxic smell coming from the restaurant. We can now safely announce that the smell was nothing more than a chef trying out a new fried chili recipe. However, there was one immigrant worker found who has now been safely deported back to his own country. This news has been reported by Del Taylor, thank you. Tom is so cool! Addressed to "A-Ngoon". Let's just go to Paris. Let's sleep at a hotel, In a minute... in a minute. We won't go broke if we stay just one night in one. We're near... Auberge de Jaunesse Hostel Pretty girls... huh. We better stay in a real hotel. It's too late! You want to go out with me tonight? Asshole. I think she likes me. Hey... Don't worry, I'm engaged. Cherry hang on wait for me. What's wrong with you? Are you pissed off with me? No, I'm just hungry. Let's go eat. Shit... I've lost my wallet! Did you look everywhere? My money... our money! Our money too! Did you lose anything else How about your passport? Hey... Hey... - Sawadee ka. - Sawadee khap. Sawadee Are you Mr. Chat? You're the ladies Mr. Tom just called me about? Yes. Come in. Take that sofa outside. And we'll put the dinner table here. Put that small wardrobe over there and the bigger one over here and put the clock here. Put the bed against the wall. Then we'll have more space. Now the room will look bigger. You're a real interior decorator. Li... a housewarming gift. Thanks. How are you guys doing? We can do the serving. Yeah me too and I can speak French too. Good day... How are you? Eiffel Tower... Champs Elysees. I love you. Excellent... keep cutting. Here's some money. Your salary. And... this. For the rent. Thanks. Hey... move your ass. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. What do you want? You can't keep a cat here. If you don't stop complaining I'm gonna tell Chat. We've got the day off tomorrow so what should we do? You should sort out all your clothes because they could fill up a house. Can't you sort everything out? I've gotta wash my clothes now. Delicious, next time cook it like this. The day after tomorrow's your birthday so what should we do? Don't you remember? You forget every year. Decide... how should we celebrate? A big party? Are you nuts? A big party? Don't forget we're poor. I know let's do this... Tomorrow night we'll just walk around Paris and we'll save money. We'll countdown and then I'll sing happy birthday to you. I wanna go home. Why go... it's fun here. What's fun! Working all day? Not even sight seeing. You know with all this work I'm getting callouses on my hands. The only thing we can eat is this rotten pork. Should we go home? I've still got the tickets. But I don't have one, I only bought a one way ticket. What do you mean? We went and got them together. I went back and changed it after. So how come you didn't tell me? I tried to tell you but I can't find the right time. What do you mean... the right time? How long have we been here together? It's been 3 months already. So what the hell do you mean you couldn't find the right time? Why should I lie to you? How come you don't tell me? What's the difference? I didn't sell your ticket. That was my ticket. If I stay or go back it's none of your business. Of course... I care. Why are you telling me lies? We came here together and now you want me to go back... alone? No way! So did you give my address to Tam? I knew you'd never remember my birthday. What's this? You want to double cross me again let's have the whole story! Hey... It's too much. I didn't double cross you. The only one who wants to be your friend is Tam. Why are you so pissed off? Really I'd rather not be his friend. - Yeah? So how come you're watching that video? Why not... you used to be friends? So when you split up do you have to hate him too? It was only because he didn't want to be your boyfriend. You know he wants to be your friend so what's wrong with that? You were wrong... just admit it. That's exactly why you had to come here. You like speaking straight. But in fact you can't. Because you're like this he can't stand you. Can't you talk like a human being? No not today... I'm in a hurry to get home. It's rush hour. This station is closed too. Yes... is tomorrow OK? Yes of course. OK... Watch out! Are you Thai? It's green we can go now. Aren't you gonna follow me anymore? What's your name? I'm Noon. I'm Tam. What's your real name? Pisit... mmm... Pisit... You live here? Came to study? I used to study but I don't now. How about you? I'm a tourist. Did you came alone? I came with a friend. Where's your friend? Well... how did you know I was Thai? Crossing the street you looked the wrong way. Only a Thai would do that. Oh, you're very clever, Pisit. It's not about being clever. Nothing about being clever... it's just an observation. Where are we going? - Going home... - Oh... What? We've just met and now you want me to go home with you? I didn't ask you. If I asked you I would have said come with me. I only asked you why were you following me. So you think I was following you? How come you say that? Come on then, I'm asking you now. I've got roommates, come on. Say... Noon Hi, Noon. Hi... Nice to meet you. French... Hey... What up man? Good... This is Noon. Hi... Hi... Roberto's from Columbia. Nice to meet you. Where's Lee Lander? Sleeping... Lee Lander! Lee Lander, wake up! Sleeping again... Nothing better to do, man. Say hi to Noon. Hey, how you doing, honey? Hi... Lee Lander from the United States. This is Noon. Here's Junko, a Japanese born here. Can't speak Japanese, can't speak English only French. Just a second... Water? OK. Hot or cold? Cold. Wait until it cools down. No water... no electricity... how can you guys live like this? Some people think it's difficult but really they can handle it in the end. How much is the rent? We don't have to a pay a thing. Umm... doesn't the landlord complain? The owner is the French government. No complaints. Once in a while, they come to check and fine us. When they come what do you do? Run away? Why should we run away? We'll just pay the fine. How much is it? 2,000 Euros. Ha! Why do you pay that? Well we're squatters and it's illegal. It's right that they fine us. With 2000 Euros you could rent a nice house for several months. I like living here more. What are they doing? They're preparing an exhibition because next month they'll have to pay a fine. They'll have a party... sell beer, tickets... it's an art show. I'm the one who sets it all up. Need any more helpers? Yes... we do. Where have you been? I asked you! Where have you been? None of your business! I couldn't sleep last night. Don't you remember? Come back or not, it's my life. It's nothing to do with you! No... no... I'll get busted! Hey! Noon! Noon! I want medicine... you know? Medicine. Fever. You know? 5 doses. Prescription... Please... Please... Please... Please... Please... Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Medicine... you know? You know... fever... understand? You know? Why are you all so cold hearted! Just wait I'll tell Chat to throw your cat out! What do you want? Here it is! Taste good? Not at all. You... So how are you now? Not bad... How about you? Fine. Talk straight... But I'm so fucking lonely. Same here. How about this... from now on, we won't be angry with each other more than a day, OK? And you talk straight with me and I won't complain about anything... not washing the plates... not cleaning up the room even drying the clothes on the heater. Try... OK? Hey... are you picking on me? Umm... Can I ask you something? The other day when you complained... You said it's true I was wrong. Yes. Hey... What? Tomorrow you won't be mad at me anymore? Fucking Cherry! Are you fishing for your food? Isn't it easier just to buy it? Yeah it's easier but this is tastier. What can you catch then? Fishing? In the end it's all eaten anyway. If you think like that... that's it. Nowadays people think more about what they get than how they get it. Some people are stuck with the old way but they think that's best. Hey... this guy's a weirdo just like you said... Yeah... Pisit. Is this the one who got kicked out of school? Yes... yes... This is Cherry. Oh! Only one night and he knows everything? Oh... and what are you studying Pisit? I told you already yesterday, I'm not in school. Then, what are you doing? Just living... What are you doing with your life then? It's tough enough to just live. What else you do want me to do? Don't want to get a job? Sometimes when the money's gone. That's what I'm asking, what kind of work? Restaurant... Hey... same as me. I don't like this guy with the beard. He's irritating. Hey... take it easy. He's just a little strange. However, he's very straightforward. Do you have any free time today? Yes it's our day off. That's why we came to help. Cherry came to help too. So how can we help? What can you do? Lots of things. What needs doing? Lots of stuff. Sorting things out and painting. Can you paint? Sure. We'll keep the boat here... OK? Listen, no, no, listen. Stop... stop... What? Oh... Why don't you move the stage? Near by the piano and interesting wall. This boat should be move to over there... cause there enough space for and... This installation is not to high, not too big. Should be moved to around here and up there... So many people can walk through this way easily. What do you think? Boys, you're good. Yeah... She said she study Architecture. You should bring your work here to enjoy us. What you think? I will think about it. Tonight I plan to help Roberto set it up, you want to go too? Fine... let's go. How is it? Good? No... No... I didn't... You've got it wrong. It's them, the girl come with us. Don't lie, I've got proof. When I count to three, just run to the train. 1... 2... 3 Cherry, What should we do if the police gets us? Hey, we better not get busted. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. If I get away this time, I'll never do it again. Sorry... Sorry... Let's get off at the next stop. Unbelievable! Yeah... it sure is... But they almost got us... If we got caught we'd be deported... right? You act like you're not care about us. Both of you were wrong. Why did you point your finger to someone else? How can you say that? Isn't it true? Nobody forced you. You did it their way and you're just as guilty. You've never snuck onto the train? Never. What about when you were broke? I'd just walk. Walking around slowly I could look at the scenery. Have you checked out Paris yet? It seems you don't agree. Because I have to work. Cut vegetables, cut pork... Thailand has no jobs like this? Strange... others want to come here but have no chance. Then the people who get here stay in the kitchen? How about me being your guide for the day? Without any map... Wherever you want to go we'll go. OK? Usually do you wake up early? Only on days I want to. I asked you how often? Not often. Today... I didn't. Why did you wake up? Isn't it beautiful? It's beautiful. You want to race? You start... Hey wait for me I've got short legs. I'm not a dog. Taste good? Very good. I made it. Why did you make a face like that? It's very dry. Thirsty. Water? Here. I want a cold drink. A cold one right? OK it's cold now. If I just want a warm drink. Warm, warm It's warm for sure. It's hot, can't it be just warm? You want go next? Where do you want to take me? Whoever says the people here hardly smile raise your hand. Whoever is homesick... raise your hand. Whoever likes this weather... raise your hand. - You want this? - OK. To eat? Get it in their mouths. Bird... bird Have you got a wish for Galileo? - Never. - Here. Do it like this raise your hand and make a wish. If the stones hit the water at the same time it means your wish is gonna come true. I'll make a wish first. 1... 2... 3... What's your wish? I'm not telling. Let me try. OK - Make a wish first, right. - Yeah! Ready? 1... 2... 3... What did you wish for? I'm not telling. Noon, the bus stop is over there. Enough! I didn't come to Paris to be a kitchen slave. Cherry! I'm not gonna work in a kitchen ever again. Why can't we find an easier job. Good money. But not so hard. Use our femininity full time. Just show a bit of our bodies. I think it's worth it. Cherry, those customers over there say they are your friends. Oh... Hi! Hey... Meow what are you doing here? - How are you... Sawadee Noon. - Sawadee. This is Mr. Yuth and we've come to see what's going on here. - Sawadee. - Mr. Yuth, these are my friends... Cherry and Noon. Hey you know everyone asks about you. Yeah! So you got a job already? How's Fon? She works at 123 creation. That's great... what about Belle? She works at SB. Yeah... and Ging? She works at Land and House. Nan works at Expo. Deer's at Index. Nat moved up the ladder to a TV career. Eck, Pol, and Tim are all in school in the States. But I think you're excellent! Crazy... from studying architecture to being to being a dancer. At first I didn't even recognize you! This May you'd better finish your education. Don't just fool around dancing. Cherry, Mr. Chaat asked about you. I've gotta go. Now? Yeah... Bye Bye. Sawadee kha. - Hello - Dad... It's me. You haven't called in a while. Dad, how are you? Fine... but it's starting to get cold. Is it cold there? Cold... Wear something to keep yourself warm and don't forget to use a blanket when you sleep. Mmm. Anything wrong? Mmm... next time don't send me any money. I've got enough... Mmm... Have you been arguing with Noon or not? No. Angoon always misses you. Dad... I gotta go. Is it leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Yeah... It's perfect. I know. Have you been to Pisa before. Not yet. One day I'll go... What to for? Just to take some action pictures? Like this? - Go left... a bit more... - Like this? I wanna go see why it doesn't fall over. Right... a bit more... Up... a bit more? A bit more. Mmm... OK... You should go back to finish your education. Admit your mistakes and start again. Don't lose out... You should your talent... I'm not wrong... admit what? What's not wrong? Forging your teacher's signature? It's wrong for sure I understand that was harsh punishment but wrong is wrong. One day people will know I wasn't wrong. It'll take time to prove myself. Like Galileo he said the Earth wasn't the center of the universe. They threw his ass in jail. And now everyone knows Galileo was right. But you're wrong. You made a mistake... accept it. That's a common rule. Common rule? What's this common rule? Hey... let's go to Pisa in April. Why April? For Songkran. I want to celebrate your birthday with Galileo. Let's go then! - Giuseppe - Tam How are you? Fine, and you? Good... good... You like it? I love it. Is it your work? This is Cherry. Cherry... this is Giuseppe. Giuseppe... Cherry. I like your work a lot very much. Do you think? It really can be built. Of course. But the real one won't collapse. There'll be strong foundation. It might be risky. But the beauty is worth to risk. Isn't it? I like you. Do you want to work with me? I have a company in Milan. Not big but I have a job for you if you want. But I don't have a degree. But you have talent. I don't have work permit also. Don't worry. I can take care of that for you too. You can start training in January. If I work with you can you allow me to use your drafting room? Sure... why not? Do I need a permission from you to use it? No, you don't. You can use it at any time you want. Really? OK... OK... Can I borrow your mobile phone? Hello Hello Dad I just got a job as an architect! - Architect... not a waitress. - He accepted me. Can you trust him? Yes. He's a friend of a friend. He's a nice guy. I'll start in January. And I can use the drafting room too. He's gonna take care of my work permit. You don't have to worry about me. I've got a job. I'm pleased for you. Mmm... I gotta go I'll call you later. When will you go? Soon. How soon? Can't tell... You afraid that I will see you off? I'm afraid of changing my mind. Aunty, I'm leaving. You guys almost missed the train. I'll wait for you on the train. You know when the train leaves we may never see each other again. You didn't give me... your address... phone number... Tam... [email protected] double "O", double "T", OK. I don't really like him. But he's OK. Hello May I speak to Naruemon? Mom went shopping. It's been a while... How are things? Where on earth are you? In Italy... Dad... What would you think if I go back to Paris? You're sure about that? You think it's gonna work? How knows! If you want to know... you have to know him better. How about you? Won't you go back to finish school? Don't worry about me. So... when will you go to Paris? Maybe after New Year I'd like to spend some time going around with you first. And then leave you in Milan. Then you go to work, and I'll go to Paris. On April 29th... We'll meet in Pisa. Ciao... Where are you from? Thailand. Thai people are very nice. Tom Yum Kung... very good I love Thailand. Are you tourists? Yes, we'll be here for a week. And then might go to Florence. Very rich people. Ah... a cheap trip... backpacking. We only eat once a day. It's OK, once in a life time anyway. You want work? Here? Yes, this is my restaurant. But we can't speak Italian. It's very easy. Ciao, ciao Grazia... grazia... So... you can speak Italian now. The only thing you have to do is just... uh... uh... that's all. This are for Pasta. This is are for Pizza. There are 200 plates and that will be enough for a day. OK And now welcome to Fabricio! We have to sell fresh food every day. So we start from 200. Here we have 50 150, you're sold out 150, 4 Euros each. It's 600 Euros. You gave me 580... so the difference is 20 Euros. I'll have to deduct it from your money. Please just one mistake... it won't happen again. I'm sorry. This are the rules. It's not that beautiful. I didn't buy it for you. What are you gonna do if the notebook stops working? Use the phone. Would you like a Gondola trip? Yes but it's so expensive. Hey... I have a way. We go buy the same kind of box. Then use our boxes to sell. That's cheating. We won't do that many. Maybe 10 a day. Fabricio won't go broke. This is the last time that we'll spend time together. You cheated at the subway station before. It's not the same. That... we didn't know who we cheated but here... it's Fabricio. You really can do it? Nothing happened before. Don't think about it. It's not about getting away, It's about right or wrong. Then... I'll do it. Tomorrow you'll switch to selling ice cream. That'll be suspicious. What do you want? You don't want to do it. And you won't let me do it. Come on... just one last time. Only once. You've gotta promise not to cheat again. I promise. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Cherry It's not you... Out! She's my friend! The police! I've called the cops! What did they say? They won't send her to prison. But they will send her home within 24 hours. Can I see her again? Don't. Or you'll get in trouble too. I'm sorry. Fabricio. Venice Italy... now it's 11.18 pm in Thailand. Today is Christmas. It is 117 days from the beginning of this trip. Today I am so lonely. So damned... lonely. Today... We should be together... Because of me... I wrecked everything. Noon... I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I use to talk bad to you. I'm sorry that I made you mad. I'm sorry that I'm a coward. I'm sorry that I left you. I'm sorry... that I couldn't keep my promises. Noon... I'm sorry. April 28th Dear Angoon Are you still mad at me? SMS to Noon... it didn't fall down. What are you doing? Everyone does the same thing. What do you think what is Pisit doing? Dear Galileo Do you think Noon will come back to Paris? Galileo says no but I say yes. I'm happy to have traveled with you. You're trying to impress me. Just try to be nice. Whoever misses their friend raise their hand! Best watched using Open Subtitles MKV Player

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Blue's Clues - S01e18 - What Is Blue Afraid Of

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