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Rachel Botsman - Building trust

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Rachel Botsman Now I want to leave you with an idea, Leading expert and author on trust in the modern world and this goes back to the idea of building trust. We talk about this idea of building trust. In fact, I think it's the number one question I'm asked is, how do I build more trust? I get why we asked that question. The first thing is more trust isn't always the goal. We don't always want to place our trust in people that aren't worthy of it. The second is this idea of building trust. Now I think, we use this language because we like to think that things are physical, that they can be measured, that they can be controlled. The fact is trust isn't something that you can build. Trust is something you have to earn. And you earn it because people give you their trust. This is one of the annoying things about trust. It's that you can believe that you're being competent and reliable and practicing empathy and integrity, and people can still choose not to give you their trust. Now what is so powerful is even flipping that language of building trust to earning trust makes you think differently about how trust works. And one of the most important things to think about with trust is the idea of consistency. Trust is not earned through grand gestures. Trust is not earned through big communication campaigns, big off site days. That's intensity, where trust is earned is through consistency. Small actions and consistent behaviors, day in day out that make people feel like they can give you their trust. Now the powerful way of thinking of trust as small actions and behaviors that we consistently think about day in day out is it feels like something very much in our control. We can all think about how we can be more competent, reliable, demonstrate integrity, and empathy to other people. And every time we do this on a daily basis, think about the consistent actions and behaviors that nurture trust. We are in our own ways taking care of, what I think is, our most precious and valuable asset, and that is trust.

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Rachel Botsman - Building trust

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