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Blessed Saint Seraphim of Sarov, Miracle Worker

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Russia is rich in holy men, that constantly pray for us. On the blessed elder Seraphim. Listen children, here is my story. There lived in Kursk a boy called Prokhor. His father built churches with his son by his side. Once he fell from the bell tower in front of his mother's eyes but escaped unhurt. Another miracle. Once when Prokhor was unwell, the Mother of God appeared to him and whilst venerating the image of the saint, the child was cured that very hour. His Mother brought up her son to grow in piety. When he left the home that was so close to his heart. Agatha crossed him and Prokhor left for the monastery in Sarov. Through prayer, abstinence and patience he sought salvation but fell grievously ill. He lay there for three years. Suddenly, with her blessing, the Immaculate appeared to him. She stood in front of his bed. Behind her, he saw the apostles. "This is one of our kind," she said. And Prokhor was miraculously healed. And the name Seraphim, which means "fire", was given to him when he became a monk because of his ardent faith and service. The angels prayed with him. During the service, standing on the pulpit, "Forever" - a young deacon said, and he saw a shining tunic and through the air Jesus Christ came to him! Praying God blesses! and the angels in heaven gathered round. and his heart melted like candle wax, and Seraphim suddenly froze on the spot. Rousing himself, he spoke about the vision but became silent. He went to live in seclusion in the depths of the forest and enjoyed the heavenly food. Time was spent working, praying, reading Psalms and the Bible. Bears came to the Hermit, and the priest fed and stroked them. He won the battle against the villainous race of demons. Praying on a rock for a thousand nights, the world did not know about the righteous Sarov, peaceful of mind and heart aflame. Always in sandals and an old coat, an icon in the cell, nothing more. The peasants, having decided to rob him, Attacked and wounded him terribly. The monk didn't resist the villains although he was strong and was holding an axe. The thieves escaped. He was barely alive. For eight days he lay severely tortured. Again, the Blessed Virgin healed him. The robbers were caught and brought to him. But the Father forgave them all, without anger. And the sinners repented and were gone. Although he was bent and crippled, he still ardently loved everyone in the world. Sarov elder spoke at the meeting: "Christ is risen, my joy!" Insight, consolation and advice all served to heal the sick. A miracle occurred to him at the same time, In prayer, he soared above the earth. Sarov was organizer and guardian of the Fourth Mother's of God appanage - of the Diveevo convent for nuns. He constantly nurtured them. Once, he prayed with a sister of Diveevo. In the glow of Her Holy Presence, the Pure One stood in front of him. Behind her stood twelve maidens with crowns. And the Mother of God said quietly: "You will soon, my loved one, are going to be with us" The elder thought: "Soon my candle will burn out" He predicted about his death that it will "start with a fire". And his soul departed to the Father and the Son. He knelt motionless And soft light shone from his holy face And everyone knew that it was a saint that had fallen asleep. In the church, the Bishop of Voronezh said to the gathering at the tomb: "All of us are like penny candles" "But the candle of his holy life is like many pounds." "We will hear again when we meet:" "Christ is risen, my joy!" Defender of the people, our father eternally. The fire of his prayer isn't extinguished. O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Save, O Christ, have mercy on us sinners!

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Posted by: birubir on Aug 9, 2011

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