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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 10)

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Tits men, leg men, ass men, hair men... Men like different aspects of girls... Some men like big bosoms, some like small... There's none of that in the South Pacific. And when I got there, I brought berries and beans, that I was gonna give out to the natives. And they were in my hut after I got there, three hours, giving out my berries and beans with a great big grin on their faces. I had a whole suitcase full of it. They were giving to one another. I said: "What's going on?" They said: "You've got too many." I didn't know what they meant until three days later, old people were pulling in a net full of fish... and they threw fish to anyone standing there. They didn't say: "You owe me five bucks, you owe me ten bucks." They just threw fish at anyone there. They were really open, they never used money. That was a Resource Based Economy. - Men had sex when they're old enough to. You know, today... they didn't say: "Oh, I really scored last night." Today, was like saying: "Oh, I ate bacon and eggs." You know... Today, it's like: "I ate bacon and eggs this morning." Who cares, you know...? - No one talks about sex. And the religious people think you have sex after you get married. God would make your pecker come out the day you got married... The whole thing is stupid and fantastic stories... They are so fantastic that... Moses had to raise a staff and he parted the Red Sea... so the Jews could walk across. God couldn't put them on the other side? All this stories... and Noah's Ark... Two kinds of every animal. If he took two kinds of every animal the boat would be about a mile long... and who cleans the shit out of that? You understand? The stories are fantastic, they have nothing to do with God, are man made stories and Man makes God in his own image. A guy that sits on the throne and the angels are flying around and he gets mad at the Earth and he says: "Noah, I'm gonna drown everybody." This guy was supposed to love everybody... I'm gonna drown the whole world, so I want you and your family and two kinds of every animal so you'll avoid the flood. Now, he doesn't have to do that. The guy... a God that Man makes is as dumb as a Man. He's a guy that says: "If you don't follow my teachings... you gonna burn eternally. " Now, is that God or a psychopath? Think about it. So Man can't conceive of God, he is so simple. He can't even talk to Einstein, and he thinks he talks to God. He wouldn't understand Einstein, two minutes he'd be out. They can't even talk to any philosophical person, and they talk to God, a guy that made everything, every galaxy in the Universe, then he gets pissed off when some guy... God is not sure about this man, and this is in the Bible. "I want you to kill your son as a sacrifice, to me." So he says: "Ok..." He raised his hand and an angel grabbed it. And God said: "I just wanted to test you." God doesn't have to test anybody. You understand that? - Yes. So, the stories are terrible. Make God look like a jerk, which he is, since Man made God in his own image. But if you don't believe me... ask an eskimo what Heaven is like. They say: "It's a big igloo and lots of seals." I asked an American indian what Heaven's like. It's called "The Happy Hunting Ground." Lots of deer and good bow and arrows. What do you expect? An eskimo can never dream of walking on a beach with palm trees. It's outside of his experience. No person, can anticipate... did you anticipate the laptop, forty years ago? I guess you weren't around, but say... ten years ago? You don't know it. This cameras that have no film in them. If you talked to Eastman Kodak, about no-film cameras he'd say: "You're nuts, you can't not have film and take pictures." Now, they're making a chip to stick in your camera. - Yes. - You don't need any film and it can take movies for hours. So, what will the future be like? I'm just saying again that the... average person will live better than Bill Gates in the future, there's so much new technology... that doesn't even exist yet. And when the world learns to live together in harmony... that will be the beginning of the civilized world. We are not civilized yet. As long as they have armies, navies, killing machines, submarines, prisons, police, hungry people, starvation in the world, swollen bellies, you're not civilized yet. - Do you have some... like a collaboration with another people... another organization or it's just you, like editing and photographing and sketching the designs? - No, I don't... 'cause all my friends are dead now. But years ago, I used to teach them different things, but when mothers saw me coming, they'd pull their kids in the house... Understand why? If you free them, so they can think for themselves... - Yes. They can't be manipulated... - There is nobody else who worked on this social direction. It was totally Jacque... they always arrived at the technology that he used to talk about a long time ago and they will continue to do that... But it's not so much the technical aspect... It's the social direction and the values that are important. - You know what that means? - And how you use the technology... So it's been Jacque pretty much. I've been working with him for the last thirty five years and just helping to document all this, but... - Are you thinking in get some kind of help with everything...? - We can use help, lots of help. - Yes. - Immediate. - I think... - We need architects and engineers, biographers, - We have a whole database of professionals, hundreds and hundreds of professionals that wanna help when we're ready to perhaps do the first city or something that can contribute to... But we need funding for that or we need... a country who wants to do that. - We wanna make a movie and we need a lot of money to make... - The Earth 2.0... - We still live in a money system. - We have what? - The Earth 2.0... - No, we're not... we're not working with those people anymore. They originally asked Jacque to do... they wanted to do a film on Jacque using Jacque's book, as a basis. But then it turned into other things... He brought in very metaphysical people and people that weren't with this direction at all. He said: "Yes, they were" but he didn't know enough about it, to know the difference so we pulled out, so we didn't want people to get misunderstood in terms of what we're representing. - Yeah. - ... in other countries... what I'm telling is true, they use our photographs and our buildings to raise money for what they call a Resource Based Economy and doing what they think it is... It won't work. - Of course. - I can't stop them either. They use everything I design... - Yeah, they took the word even, we couldn't protect that word. That's Jacque's word, "Resource Based Economy". And then there are other groups coming up with Resource Based Economy Foundation and they're saying "Yes, they're doing the same thing." And they really don't. - Also, you should know this... They think I get a check from Moscow. From the Illuminati, Jacque. - All they say from an organization. They lie about everything. Fresco has two Cadillacs, you know... - Propaganda... - In that issue, I've been seen... - You must expect that... - In that issue, I've been seeing that your words, from The Venus Project, are being used, even by the dominant groups, and adapted to their monetary system or social network or anything they have, and I'm very afraid that we lose or that they're surely trying to destroy after, but that we lose the core. And that question of Resource Based Economy, I've read about it that there are groups defending other types of Resource Based Economy and that is why your words are so important to us. - I'm sitting here, trying to tell you to be aware of that stuff. It happens when men fought the women's rights. So, women were not allowed to vote in America, so they fought for years, had rotten eggs thrown at them... for years, before they got it passed. So, if you didn't own property, you couldn't vote in America And they don't know, I mentioned here, that... George Washington had three hundred slaves, did you know that? You did? - Yes. - Where did you get it? But he was against slaves... - Yeah. So all this bums that were presidents in the United States were really stupid people, very few All right, maybe... even Thomas Jefferson had slaves. He was considered a great liberal. - Yes. The people we admire today, won't make the history books in the future. Except the history of technology... But the political history is... We killed thousands of people to get America, thousands of Indians, we starved them by killing their buffalos, we killed fifteen million buffalos... But there was some Indians who fought back, so the government said: "You get ten bucks for every Indian you kill." These were opportunist. So, they went out and they went back to the government they'd say: "I just killed ten Indians." And the government said: "How do we know that? Bring back a piece of the Indian." So, they start to scalp, cut the scalp... They'd bring back ten scalps, they got paid. So, the history of the United States is as ugly as the history of Germany and France and England. And all countries are corrupt. Your country, every country. - So... - We killed, we killed Indians too... - They lie... And so, if we don't grow out of the need for money... Like when we send astronauts to the moon, they don't carry any money with them, did you know that? And how many people can you put in a space ship? How many people can the moon support? Very few. But you can't take more people than the moon can support. So, The Venus Project has no decision makers. They arrive at decisions, meaning if you studied the Earth and had so much resources that's how many people you can support. But if you try to bring in more people than the land can support, you will have crime, rape, robbery, territorial disputes. You understand what I'm saying? Man made laws, never stop ... They say: Don't kill, don't do this, don't do that... The Bible says that too, but people go right on killing, because they don't know what the problem is. The problem is, essentially this, type: If you live near a water fall, like Niagara, lots of water goes... Nobody comes at night and steals a cup full of water. If there's lots of it, they don't steal. If people have access to what they need, they don't steal. And that's it. That's all... You wanna understand The Venus Project fast, that's what's about. - Create abundance. - Everyone... Everyone has access to whatever they need. It'll take about ten years to change the surface of the Earth. To build it into beautiful gardens... We don't have parks in The Venus... The whole city is in the park. Waterfalls, lakes and... Nothing you... you own nothing... There's bicycles for your use, sail boats... which you can check out immediately, without filling out any forms or appealing to Fresco. He has no control. You can just fly anywhere. But if you wanna build your own airplane, you're not allowed to fly it over cities, only over water, until it's approved... You understand? We don't stop anybody, we don't stop religion. If you try to stop religion, it'll go underground. So, you must permit everything... to go until people are wise enough to let go, of those things. You know... "Dear God, it hasn't rained for six months, my plants are dying..." Dig a fucking ditch and irrigate the area, you know what I mean? - Yeah. The Bible says: "By their work you shall know them, not their lip service" - So, you can find all this in the Bible... And when Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple, he didn't say: "Will you kindly leave?" He used profanity. "Get the hell out of here, you bastards." And that's true... So, it isn't the language that should bother you. It's the intent of people... So, war is a failure of all nations to bridge the difference between the countries. If your country is drafting to the army, we want the government to draft all the war industries, you know what that mean? So, no one makes a buck out of war. You don't sell machine guns or anything. It's all taken over by government... just like your right to put up your life for this country. And therefore, all industries should not make a profit out of war, for the duration and the end of the war. Then give it back, the industry. Of course if you did that, there would be any war. No money in it. The Zeitgeist Movement Portugal Beyond Poverty, Politics and War.

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interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 10)

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