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Bravo! Could you give a message? You hope to lead audiences to the transcendence of all the borders by inspiring music all over the world. In 2008, you've performed in front of the Pyramid. Coud you tell us your wonderful story? Hello, my name is Ange Saito. My general concept of music is, as she mentioned, "Transcendence". It means transcend genders, religions, nations and so on. I do believe music and art have the power to make this happen. I felt the transcendence when I performed in front of the Pyramid. Because greater part of audience were Muslim people and women hide their hair. But the notes of Bach is based on Christianity and I'm a Japanese, a Buddhist as a Japanese even I don't have a faith for it. I do think it's a really new approach that the impression for music evolves in many men and many minds. Actually, those from both of Japanese and Egyptian Embassy told me that they also felt sympathy. Since this experience, my creation of music has been changing. I'm under experimentation of rendering of J.S. Bach along with the view of transcendence and insights from the Eastern thought. And Mr. Shinnosuke Fujima. Mr. Fujima has performed today even though he has a big stage in Arashiyama tonight. Thank you very much for your participation of the stage which sets the TEDxSeeds afloat from Japan. Could you give a comment? I'm Shinnosuke Fujima. Thank you for your invitation. I appreciatie that I could performed in such a mysterious atmosphere. I've been performing classical Japanese dance. I believe that the origion of all the dances comes from the expression of gratitude. So I've made it a habit to have the dayof appreciation for the paddy and performe in a paddy field after the harvest since 3 years ago. I'd like to master the classical Japanese dance with challenging different kinds of new things and also rediscover old things. Thank you very much.

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