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Jacque Fresco - Conformity or Sanity (1978) -=Scrolling Transcript Trailer=-

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You get people in a corner, say, "What is it that you want?" They don't know, because, they've never been told what it is that they wanted. They have been told what they ought to want. And so, they start living in a lifestyle that is comfortable to their emotions. It goes that way, and their parents say you ought to live that way, and other people say you ought to live that way. And they are in a state of conflict. But our society says, you have been married twice; there is something wrong with you. And everybody feels shocked. Society makes them sick if they don't conform to their fucking patterns. And their patterns are senseless. That is why we say here that this society is utterly insane, and if you are trying to make sense of it, you get sick. Best thing to do is get out your notebook, look out the window, make notes and put it back in your pocket. Don't make any adjustments to it. When somebody says they don't like your painting, you say, "That's fine." But don't argue with them - then you get sick. Now, it is when you begin to think that you are ill because you don't fit in with anything, you're on the fringe of sanity. And when you begin to fit in, you've lost it. When you fit in with the way things are going, you have lost it; you are out of step. Being alive is subject to stimulus - change. And conforming to a standard pattern is death. Now, if you experiment and seek out newer and different ways of thinking, you are going to get hurt because you are experimental. This guy builds a little single man helicopter and the blade shakes to pieces and he breaks his arm. Experimentation means unknown areas. That is why most people don't experiment. So if you experiment, you get hurt. That is why most people say, "Well, now wait a while. I tried all those things when I was crazy, when I was young. But now I've settled down I don't try anything anymore." That is safer. So most normal people consider themselves safe. If you are going to live in this world, we cannot take into account everything. We can't handle everything. We can only handle a limited amount of things. And if you hope that things will get better for you, you can be certain that they won't. Anyone that hopes that things will get better, there is a guarantee that they won't. But if you take on an action pattern to make it better - to carve a propeller, to balance the goddam thing, to try to check your landing gear, make sure your dihedral is uniform, your tail isn't warped - that's the way you make things better. In this world, you can't find peace and harmony. All those are words that were made up: 'peace of mind'. You will find a smooth life for a period of time. The smoothest life you can find is to understand all these things. Whatever happens out there is real, what you think should have happened is unreal. You learn to sit back and watch all these things. And, you tell people things. If they get the message, they take it and use it. And, if they don't get it, they drop it. You watch them go. Then when they trip and fall, you watch them tumble. But you should deliver what you know to these people, as best as you can, to help them see the light. So much for decency and ethics, and fair play.

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Among many other things, Jacque explores the causes and consequences of conforming to an unsane culture, beginning with investigating whether people can really be ‘aware’ of anything.

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