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An Education (2009)

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(girl) When I get to university, I'm going to read what I want, and wear black. Now that shows you're a rebel. They don't want that at Oxford. No, they don't want people that think for themselves. Of course they don't. Hello. I'm a music lover, and I'm worried about your cello. Jump in. (male) What's this? Jenny's been sent some flowers from a chap. (Jenny) Thank you. (male) Listen, I'm glad I ran into you - what are you doing on Friday? Nothing. I won't allow it. [phone rings] That's him. Hello. You didn't tell me you had a sister, Jenny. I promise to have her back by 11:30. (father) Very pretty young man. Those are my friends, Helen and Danny. Shall we? Sorry. That's allright - it's lovely isn't it? (Helen) If you want something, just get David to take you shopping. (Danny) In Paris, though, not here. (David) I'd love to. There's so much I want you to see. ♪When we kiss ♪ How was your evening? Best night of my life. (girl) My god, Jenny's new boyfriend (Jenny) He's not my new boyfriend. You have no idea how boring everything was before I met you. Go to Oxford no matter what, because if you don't, you'll break my heart. My choice is to do something hard and boring for the rest of my life, or go to Paris, and have fun. (male) I'd be careful if I were you, Jenny. (Jenny) I don't need looking after, thank you very much. (woman) They can be quite naughty sometimes. Come on. It's a funny world you people live in. We're not clever like you so we have to be clever in other way, because if we weren't there would be no fun. All my life, I've been scared. I didn't want you to be scared. I suppose you think I'm a ruined woman. Ha. You're not a woman. (Jenny) Action is character. If we never did anything, we wouldn't be anybody. (woman) You sound very old and wise. I feel old. But not very wise. [Captions by]

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