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Meet The Browns (2008)

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[crowd cheers] Ma, you see me score? Whew! I saw you! I thought you had to work? Yea, I did too. I lost my job. I was just wondering if you could keep her for just a few hours? You got to pay money like all the other mothers. I'm running a daycare, not welfare. Baby, this is for you. All we got ta eat is oatmeal? We've been here before, and don't we always make it? It's gonna be alright ma. (narrator) When she had nowhere left to turn... It says my daddy died. I never met the man. 3 bus tickets to - Georgia? (narrator) She turned to a family she never new she had. I'm Leroy Brown. My friends call me Leroy Brown. You can just call me... Leroy Brown? Yeah! Yeah! How'd you know? I want to know what these strangers are doing here durin' our time of bereavement. Papa Brown, that was my daddy. Huh? You a liar. My daddy wasn't no rolling stone. Your daddy was a pimp. So you mean to tell me you' our sister? ♪ Oooh, child, things are gonna get easier ♪ (narrator) Now... Harry - Brenda. Brenda - Harry. Hey! Harry's a high school coach, and a friend of the family. (narrator) ...With a little help To my daughter Brenda,.... Brenda? He left me a house? It has potential. Huh, potential to be torn down. (narrator) And a lot of laughter. Jesus, why? Why didn't they take me - aaaaaah! What's wrong wich' you? ♪ Someday, things'll get brighter ♪ (narrator) She may just must discover... Around here, men do that. Where I'm from, women do it all. Well, why don't you live here? (narrator) ..the person she was always meant to be. What's this? I just wanted to bless you with something. Us single mothers have to stick together. No, no, I can't. No child of mine is gonna sell dope, you hear me? We ain't got nuttin. We'll be all right, I promise. (narrator) Tyler Perry and Lionsgate invite you to hold on to your faith, I pray, and I try to live right. Don't you ever get tired of doing the right thing! (narrator) hold on to your dreams... Come on in the house. He's being so nice because our son is a gold mine. (narrator)...hold on to your heart. Is this some kind of game? Did that many men hurt you that you can't trust one? He put up most of the money for this house. He did? (narrator) and hold on.... Somebody done went crazy! Turn the tv on. (narrator) for the ride. They gonna get me. They f'inna get me. I'm gonna be on COPS. [Captions by]

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