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James Cameron - Enjoy the process

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I've had to retool my perception of the work. When I first started. let's say when I was making Terminator, some of my early films. I was sacrificing everything. You know, in a kind of scorched Earth mentality. To get to an end goal of the distant future. Of a finished film. That would hopefully be accepted by an audience. And the day-to-day was hell for me. And I kind of made it hell for my crew. Right? I'll fully admit that, now, you know, 20-30 years later. The epiphany for me was when I realized, I get to do this cool job. I get to work in the magic factory. I get to work with really cool people. Ina creative process. So, I literally trained myself to love the work of the day. To enjoy the process. And I think that's a critical thing for leadership, as well. It's not all about that end goal. It's about the day-to-day. And when you think about, Well how do I make my day-to-day better? Well be kinder to people. I talk to them more. I see what they're dealing with, are they enjoying the work? Or is there something going on with them. Or maybe there's something going on with them in their personal life. Sort of not my business, but it is my business. Because, no one exists in a vacuum. No one works in a vacuum. And I want people to bring their best game every day. So, it teaches you empathy. You know, it teaches you to look in through the eyes of the people working with you. And, see what's on their mind. It teaches you to listen to them. And incorporate their ideas into what you're trying to do.

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James Cameron - Enjoy the process

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