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Stone (2010)

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Gerald Creeson? (Creeson) I prefer Stone. Stone like a nickname? (Stone) That's what a lot of people call me. Can we talk straight? Are you gonna help me out, or what? Just talk straight. Then maybe we both get what we want, okay? [clapping] Alright! Free man walking now! I'd like to stay on my current and see it through to review - is that okay? Talk about what got you here. Do you want to tell me about that? (Stone) It was right there in front of you. Why do you want to talk about that again? It's not in mine. You're right. Let's just get on. I'll see you outside before you see me Stone! You want to walk out of here, you go through me. You got it? Yea. Then sit down! (Stone) I need you to get with him in person. I would do anything for you baby, you know that. Officer Mabry? I'm Stone's wife. (Mabry) Are you here to see your husband? I don't want you to get your hopes up. (woman) I just want him home. Jack? Telephone. (woman on phone) I was just wondering when we could get together. (Mabry) Look, I admire that you love your husband, and you want to do what's right for him... (whispering) I do love my husband. All I'm asking for is a chance to help you see him in a different light. Can I persuade you? (voice on radio) Sin comes naturally. It's inbred in us. (Mabry) Bless the Lord... [clears throat] (wife) Did you lose your place? (woman) Jack said.. (Stone) You call him Jack? Sure. (Stone) Why do you get to walk around free and I don't? (Mabry) I was never convicted of a crime. You never did anything bad? Nobody can know about this. (Stone, tearfully) I'm too scared to die. (woman) I think it's some kind of play acting. So you've both been conning me? Did you tell him about us? (Mabry's wife) Is there something you want to say to me? Look at me. I love you. (Stone) Don't listen to her. Made you them (?) [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Aug 14, 2010

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