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Stewart red

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The perfect complement to our new segment on overseas democracy, International House of Pander-Cakes. First up - Rrrussia were a President Vladimir was Putin' [putting] on the ... just, just go to the tape CNN Announcer: "Amid pomp and circumstance inside the Kremlin Putin is sworn in as the Russian President." Fox News Announcer: "Putin won Russia's presidential election in March, but opposition leaders claim that he did so largely because of fraud and broad ballot stuffing." Ha! Bunch of sore losers, and by sore I mean they’ve been beaten brutally. They actually are bruised Putin re-inauguration began, of course, with the traditional swearing in by placing a hand upon Russian wine list and the presidential strut through Russia's famed Salute to the Values of the Struggling Proletariat Room That looks like inside Donald’s Trump's anus. Look at that thing. The people and workers must control the means of production -- Holy sh*t are those diamonds ?!? Say what you will about Putin’s melodramatic governing style his strong-arm tactics, his hard-line repression of free press and dissent in any form ya have to been moved But how much Putin is enjoying this moment There he is living the dream just beside himself overjoyed can’t believe. that -- I have been a happier getting a colonoscopy Than this man is being sworn in. The man’s face looks like you how would imagine a Dostoevskii novel would -- Characteristically though the Russian people were overjoyed Oleg Sukhov: “Putin has usurped power and is going to just illegitimately, illegally come to power again.” Oh what a nice man. He will be missed.

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Posted by: andrew_d on May 24, 2012

Putin's inauguration

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