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Little Miss Bossy

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Sometimes in sunshine Sometimes in style! Sometimes with no time, Or just with a smile!

Up to her eyes in surprises and tricks! No disguising, she's a little... Handful of trouble, A bundle of fun! Glad you could make it, So glad you could come, Little Miss we're waiting for you! Ready, steady, how do you do...

One Monday morning, Little Miss Bossy went for a walk, and she met Mr. Chatterbox. Good morning, Miss Bossy, what a nice sunny day

though not quite as nice as it was yesterday yesterday wasn't quite as good as Friday, again this weekend, which, as you know, is my birthday. and that's why I'm off to the village this morning to make sure everyone is coming to my birthday party. Where are you going today?

Mind your own business! On Tuesday, she met Mr. Noisy. He was in his garden, singing.

Noisily, of course.

Shut up! Stop that frightful noise, shut up! On Wednesday, Little Miss Bossy met Miss Sunshine. She was smiling, as usual Oh, what a beautiful hat you're wearing today, Miss Bossy, Is this a new one? It suits you. She smiled a huge smile. Take that stupid smile off your face, you silly girl! As you can imagine, Little Miss Bossy wasn't very popular. Now little did Miss Bossy realize but somebody had seen her bossing Mr. Chatterbox about. and that same somebody had seen her bossing Mr. Noisy about

and that self same somebody had seen her bossing Miss Sunshine about. And that self same somebody was the wizard. He walked home, thinking, yeees, something really ought to be done about Miss Bossy. When he arrived home, he went straight to his library and took down a large red book from a bookshelf. It was rather dusty, as it hadn't been read for some time. Let's see now... the wizard's spell I need... He turned to page three hundred and four At the top of the page, it said:

"How to stop people being bossy"

"How to stop people being bossy", yes, that's it. The wizard read the page very carefully.

The day after, which was Thursday, Little Miss Bossy met someone who was fast asleep, as usual. Yes, Mr. Lazy. Wake up! Come on! Wake up! Ouch! What- what's up? What's it? Oh, it's you, Miss Bossy... Oh, I was having such a nice dream, too.

Behind Miss Bossy, the wizard, who had been following her, said something too under his breath. A wizardy word he'd learned from page three hundred and four. And, do you know what happened? Suddenly, as if by magic, which is true, there appeared on Miss Bossy's feet a pair of boots. Miss Bossy looked down in alarm. They were magic boots, and, being magic boots, they could speak to each other. Hello, left. -Ah, hello, right. Ready when you are. - Right. And they set off. Left- right- left- right- left- right Now, look here! faster and faster, marching poor Little Miss Bossy along.

Little Miss Bossy couldn't do a thing about it. Well done, wizard. The wizard winked a wizardy wink. Those boots marched Little Miss Bossy for five miles, she was exhausted. ready, left? - ready Atten...tion! And they kept to a halt. Along came the wizard. Yes, these are only for people who are too bossy Yes, frightfully boring, thank you. Make them go away at once! She said angrily, and stamped her foot. Well, at least she tried to stamp her foot, but the boot wouldn't. We're out of stamps, we're all out of stamps. You will do as I say, stop marching around. Ready when you are- right away!

Wake, march...left- right- left- right ten miles marched Miss Bossy, ten miles! They marched back to the wizard. Make these stupid boots go away! Yeess, only if you say the magical word PLEASE! that's better! And he said the wizardy word again, under his breath, from page three hundred and four. And the boots if by magic. Now then, stop being bossy. Or you know what will happen. Miss Bossy was just about to say something when she stopped, looked down at her feet, and then she nodded. "Very well", smiled the wizard, now, remember what I said. and he disappeared. And do you know something? From then on, until now off, Little Miss Bossy was a changed person. not bossy at all. And, you know why, don't you? You know what she's afraid of? Bossy boots! Left- right- left- right

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Posted by: totleigh on Jan 22, 2011


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