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Your Journey Begins Here_Final

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>> Hello, welcome to The Hormone Health Course. I'm so excited to accompany you on your journey through this program, as you gain the knowledge and expertise to help your clients achieve greater health. You're here because you've discovered somewhere along the way, whether it was through personal experience or your thirst for knowledge, that a healthy balance of hormones is a necessary component for overall health and wellness. And you want to guide and support your clients to naturally create this balance so they can start feeling their best and participating in life more fully. That's awesome. First of all, let me pause here for a second to congratulate and salute you on the incredible work that you're doing. Your clients, your community, our healthcare system, the world needs people like you. You're offering people the chance to find freedom from the quick fix of yet another pill. You're shining the light on an alternate path, one that leads to a life beyond chronic health problems, problems that people don't realize they have control over. This is huge, so thank you for being here and for being you. Your here in this course because you're passionate about this kind of work, but you have more to learn to fully grasp how to help clients improve their hormone health. Well, you've definitely come to the right place. This course is jam-packed with useful information and tools that you can apply to your coaching practice. You'll be amazed by how much more you know and how much more confident you'll feel putting this knowledge into action. In this lecture, I'll walk you through a general overview of what's to come so you'll know exactly what to expect. Ready? Let's take a look at what's in store. This course is broken down into weekly modules. Each module typically has two or three lectures, focused on a specific topic. Each module also includes one or two handouts. These are usually an exercise to test your knowledge or a handout with supplemental information on the topic presented in that module. A five-question self-assessment quiz, these aren't graded, it's just for you to test your knowledge on what you've learned. And a skill-building assignment, at the end of each module is an experiential assignment for you to take what you've learned and put it into practice. It's one thing to learn about these topics in theory and quite another to apply them to yourself or a client. There are two tests in this course, one at the midpoint and one at the end. You'll be given two attempts to achieve a passing score of 70 or higher. A passing grade is required on both tests in order to receive your graduation certificate for this course. We encourage you to pair up with your classmates through the Facebook page to form study groups. You'll also learn more about the tests when the dates approach during the course. For now, just focus on enjoying the learning experience and don't sweat it. Another super important component to this course is that Facebook group I just mentioned. You received a link to join this group in your enrollment email. If you're having trouble finding it, simply reach out to the Help Center through your Learning Center, and they'll be happy to get you pointed in the right direction. In fact, those guys are going to be your BFFs if you experience any technical issues or have general questions or concerns that come up during this course. Anyway, back to that Facebook group. This feature of the course is an amazing tool that we encourage you to utilize frequently. This is your own private community. It's your hotspot to connect with your classmates. This is an opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow Health Coaches who are also passionate about healing through hormone health. Take advantage of your virtual hangout and form connections. Support one another and engage in discussion around what you're learning each week. This is also the place to receive support, guidance, and mentoring from dedicated and knowledgeable members of the Education Team, and Joshua himself. Your course moderators will be in there every day facilitating discussions, coaching and mentoring you through your practice, and cheering you on every step of the way. How cool is that? All right, so now you have an idea of how this course is structured. To recap, each module contains a handout or two, a self-assessment quiz, and a skill-building activity. There are two tests in the course and a passing grade of 70 or above is required on both to receive your certificate. Additionally, a major tool for your success is the Facebook group, a private community just for you to connect with students and staff during the course. Now that we're all squared away on structure, you're probably wondering what you're learning in each of these modules. So let's talk about that now. As you may have guessed, a course about hormone health talks a lot about hormones. But as you'll soon discover the balance of your hormones affects and is affected by all other systems in your body, so in addition to learning all about the endocrine system and how hormones interact with other hormones in the body, you'll also become well versed in how hormones can affect other functions and systems in the body. For example, you'll learn all about the interplay between hormone health and gut health because you can't separate hormone health from overall health. There's a strong focus on concepts of functional medicine in this course. Functional medicine is an emerging field that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of diseases rather than just treating the symptoms. While this concept isn't new, you've probably noticed we live in a society that promotes a quick fix pill for just about every problem under the sun. These pills mask symptoms, but they don't do much in the way of promoting healing. Functional medicine is about finding natural solutions to heal disease at the core. It's rapidly gaining popularity and offers a promising solution to our global healthcare crisis, along with proper preventative care. We're training you to be on the forefront of the future of healthcare. Now I should point out that we're not training you to practice medicine. This course in no way certifies you to be a doctor, a nurse, or any kind of practitioner of medicine. Your scope of practice remains the same. We're teaching you, however, how to work alongside healthcare providers in a way that can best support your clients and promote whole body healing. What you'll learn are numerous lifestyle recommendations that you can teach your clients that may help them feel better and live better. You'll learn how you can help clients achieve better sleep, reduced stress, more energy, improved digestion, increased libido, relief from PMS symptoms, enhanced focus and clarity, improved digestion, stabilized blood sugar, weight management, better mood, and so much more. You'll learn about the most common hormonal imbalances and conditions, including HPA axis dysfunction, thyroid conditions, cortisol imbalance, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, estrogen dominance, low testosterone, polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, and infertility. You'll be able to describe what these conditions are, what causes them, the kinds of solutions that can help bring balance back to the system and how to help your clients do this from within your scope of practice. You'll also learn about how hormones function and dysfunction during different stages of development, including the teenage years, pregnancy, post childbirth, and post reproductive years. To provide you with a solid knowledge base, we'll teach you all about the anatomy and function of the endocrine, digestive, and reproductive systems. The workings of the gut and blood sugar regulation. You'll learn how to create balance in these systems through knowledge of the properties of micro and macronutrients, natural supplements, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications. We'll provide you with all the information plus the tools for how to play detective and guide your clients to get to the root of their problems. By identifying the mechanisms underlying common health complaints, you'll open up the doors to health your clients may have never even imagined, simply by guiding them through targeted lifestyle shifts involving diet, self-care, stress management, exercise, and supplementation. By the end of this course, you'll be able to recommend you nutritional strategies and special diets for certain conditions. Advise clients on toxins to avoid and detox from. Provide strategies to promote reproductive and sexual health. And refer clients to the appropriate tests and medical professionals to treat underlying medical conditions. Now you know all about the structure of the course, as well as the many exciting topics that you'll be learning about in the months to come. I hope you are as excited as we are. As you can see, there's a lot of information presented in this course. There are many terms, names, and definitions. Our best advice to you is to take things one module at a time, one lecture at a time, one concept at a time. You aren't expected to memorize everything all at once. You learned all about how to be a Health Coach through the Health Coach Training Program. You know all about how to coach your clients on primary and secondary foods. This course will set you apart from the rest of the pack by transforming you into an expert on hormonal health. We have total faith in your ability to succeed, so give yourself a pat on the back for being here. And let's get excited, your journey begins here.

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Your Journey Begins Here_Final

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