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Rich Beckman Knight Chair

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The important part of the World Cities Project is to be able to tell parallel stories from different cities in the world. So for example, if we have a team in Miami working on a story about migrant communities in the Miami metro area, we want to be able to do those stories in other countries, other cities around the world. So if we go to Hong Kong, or we go to Durban, wherever we go, we want to be able to tell those stories. We don't have the resources to tell those stories, both the human resources, and the financial resources. So the idea is that we will empower partner universities around the world, we will provide training to journalists across continents, for example our first workshop will be in Hong Kong in April. We will have 20 journalists and educators from 14, 15 different Asian countries. They will all go back to their classroom and they will engage their students in creating content parallel to the content we are creating at the University of Miami with our students, our on Miami, theirs related to the Urban area that they happen to live in. And then that content will be provided to us, we will work with them on editing, we will work with them on building websites, we will built an international of partners, all dedicated to the same goal, in terms of working on the same project, the same topic, and really taking all of our resources together, and being able to tell an international story. I don't think we are crossing the border and doing purely advocacy journalism, I think that multimedia is such a powerful storytelling tool, that by itself, in itself, it affects people greater that any media that we had before. So, we give people voice, we empower our subjects, we let them tell their own stories, we let them share their stories, we let them talk to each other as well as to us. And it seems, that that as the power - it does have the power - to promote social change. But it is still because we are doing good journalism, because we are doing good storytelling. but because you can now hear people's voices you can be a part of their lives, you can actually communicate with them, through the Facebook group, or through a twitter feed, or through some other social media, some other social network, you feel more passion, more compassion, you are more apt to act and to want to be part of the community and to want to help, than you were in the past when you simply read an article or you saw a photograph. So I think that is where the power of multimedia storytelling is. And that is why it is empowering people and empowering groups and has the potential to be better journalism and to make more of a difference in the world.

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Posted by: trevorg on Apr 29, 2009

Rich Beckman Knight Chair in Visual Journalism discussing the knight centers world cities anchor project as well as Journalism & Advocacy. Edited by Trevor Green

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