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La perte de contact avec le monde spirituel

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Seekers of Truth All rights reserved. Excerpt from a talk with Selim Aïssel. March 19 2012 / 8 am / 7 mn / Losing contact with le spiritual world. What's a thought coming to you through a master or an initiate ? It is a thought which is not thought out by his brain. It is a thought which is inspired. Which means that when a master or initiate speaks, his brain shuts up and he tunes in. And the spiritual world or what we call higher spirits talk through him and that is what he communicates. Even if he talks rubbish, those who are listening hear the spirits, and tell themselves: "the master or initiate is having some difficulties talking but, behind his words, I can feel that other force coming through". Normally, they do not talk rubbish but sometimes, they utter paradoxical statements, which cannot be understood immediately; but whoever is listening from inside knows that what is coming through has another meaning than that paradoxical statement which is been uttered. So, when an initiate speaks his words come from what he sees and hears in the spiritual worlds ant that is what he puts into words. Whereas any other human being, what will he do ? Even if he says the same words and expresses the same thoughts, he thinks them over in his brain, which means that he makes them completely human, he turns them into matter and then passes them on. It may seem like the same thing but in reality, they are two different worlds. In one of these worlds, you remain within the earthly dimension and in the other world, his own spirit resonates to the language of spirits or of the spirit, and when someone is connected to an initiate or master and has been allowed to speak on his behalf, meaning to hand down a teaching in his name, it means that he is able to connect himself and that he has received that specific energy which dervishes of old times used to call "baraka", which enables one to also hear the spirits, and it is that energy which will make yet another difference, but already, it is already an echo of those spirits. It is already another level. And then, you have those who are not connected and what they say is strictly material it is shallow, it sounds like an empty grave which may still enthuse e few emotional people or some intellectual or physical types, but it is devoid of meaning. This is obvious, for all of you: examine your lives, watch how it happens inside. Ordinary man has lost the capacity to have a direct contact with the spiritual world and with the spirits, the higher spirits. That is how it is. He is no longer able to have a straightforward contact. It is when he crosses the threshold of initiation, when he comes to a sort of awakening that he can get in touch again, that he also can start to have direct perceptions again, but prior to that, he is cut off from the spiritual level, he can only get an idea of what it may be and it requires time for that contact to be possible again, but otherwise, he can only resonate to the echoes of whatever it may be. That is the actual state of ordinary mankind today. Nothing negative as such, because this is how humanity evolves which led him to form a brain such as his, and to make up material thoughts as he does. But that had a cost, along the evolutionary process, and the cost was : losing that direct touch with the spiritual world, the direct perception of the spirit. What we call the path to initiation or the spiritual path, is that which leads someone back to direct perception; some one who, thanks to his brain and his whole body, conquered the capacity to think as he does today, and who, with it... and despite it, is regaining the possibility to be in direct touch with the spiritual world. That is what the Path is. Otherwise, it makes no sense. While losing touch with the Spirit, with the spirits, human beings have lost touch with their own spirit, of course, and so, returning to what one really is goes along with regaining touch with the real world of higher spirits. Everything we teach are the means to get there, and everything we say is that which makes getting there possible and that which makes it impossible, so that everyone may freely choose to do what makes it possible and to leave out what does not. Being a good person helps, being mean or slanderous does not. Being open to others helps, being closed upon oneself does not. Being humble helps, being proud or conceited does not and so on and so forth. That is it. But each and everyone today is free, without having to feel guilty for anything. There is no need to feel guilty, towards noone and nothing whatsoever. Everyone may do exactly as he understands. Our work simply consists in pointing to what helps and what does not, Seekers of Truth, Editor. All rights reserved.

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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Apr 3, 2012

Selim Aïssel - 19 mars 2012 - 7mn - 227

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