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'Hector and the Search for Happiness' Movie Trailer - AARP

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[wind whistling] ♪ music ♪ [narrator] How many of us can recall that childhood moment when we experienced happiness as a state of being— [singing] ♪ ooo's ♪ when everything in our world was all right? [plane engine] [splash] [laughing] [Hector] Malcolm! You stupid— [Relativity] [narrator] Once upon a time, there was a young psychiatrist called— [Clara] Hector. [narrator] He took comfort in the rich patterns of his life. [Hector] Look at my life. [kettle whistling] [plate clanking] [Hector voice echoing] Look at my life, my life, my life. [Hector] Are you happy? [Clara] You're breaking up with me aren't you? >>No! >>You can't just come out with a question like that! You have to build up to it. [Hector] I'm not making my patients any happier. I need to do some research. >>On what? [Hector] Happiness. [Doctor] Where are you going on this journey of yours? >>I was thinking China. >>Ah! China! [gong sound] [plate clanking] Brilliant! [Based on the best-selling novel] [Clara] If you're going to do this, do it totally. [Edward] Business or pleasure? [Hector] Research. I want to know what makes people happy. [laughing] [Stewardess] The glass is unbreakable. [Hector] Unbreakable?! [plate smashing] Oy! ♪ I'm going in somewhere ♪ Hey! I'm in Africa! >>[Clara] Hi boys! >>Hey! Guys! >>How long will you be gone? >>I don't know. Will you be here when I get back? >>I can't answer the question now. [Monk] More important than what we are searching for is what we are avoiding. [Clara] Tell me what you want. You just have to decide. [frustrated noises] [phone ringing] [Hector] Darling— [Agnes] You are emotionally squeamish. [Sometimes to find yourself] [Dying woman] People who are afraid of loving are afraid of life. [you need to get a little lost] [Professor] The more we focus on our own personal happiness, the more it eludes us. We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of the pursuit. [Simon Pegg] [Toni Collette] [Rosamund Pike] [Stellan Skarsgård] [Jean Reno] [Christopher Plummer] [Hector] I'm a live! [Hector and the Search for Happiness] [French lady] I want a penis. [Hector] You mean happiness. >>Everybody wants happiness, but you cannot own happiness. >>It's elusive. [Coming Soon] [#SearchForHappiness]

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Posted by: aarp on Oct 1, 2014

A psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness.

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