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akk_001 intro chords on the guitar

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Hi, Welcome to the free online guitar lessons In this short lesson I will explain how this system will work if you want to learn how to play chords on a guitar In this series you can follow a number of movies and I will give instructions from very easy to more dufficult I will let you hear it each time, then I will zoom in to show you hoe to grab the chord each chord gives you a number of possibilities how to change the chord with other chords and you can find that information underneath the movie (on for example, I play a Dsus and the following chord is D It also gives songs you can play with the given chord The Dsus which we will start with you can play a songs with from Anouk, the song is Michel it will sound like this this of course sounds familiair the chord I just playes is easy you need two fingers of the left hand with the right hand you're going to play an arpeggio I'm going to explain arpeggios in other lessons you can find that in the index if you're going to excercise, make sure that every chord you play you can grab the chord in one move and if you strumm or pick the chords it sounds ok you can do this several times, say for example 10 times without making a mistake then you're actually ready to continue with the next chord if you already can play several chords, than you have to take a look at the movies in which I explain how to switch chords there are different possibilies and I try to show you the best what the least motion needs so you switch the chords as smooth and quick as possible so, summerized. I build from easy to hard below the movies you see information about what sequel lessons could be I just gave you a tip to practice as much as you can so that you can play flawless for 10 times in a row you can of course change that number that you only play 5 times or less but that's not my idea because I think that if you can play it more times flawless, the chord is really in your hand but for now take a quick look at the next movies, the one about Dsus chord there we're going to learn how to play this chord and other things have fun with the online lessons and if you have any questions

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Duration: 3 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Producer: Jachin Letwory
Director: Jachin Letwory
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Posted by: octofianus on Jul 22, 2010

akk_001 intro chords on the guitar

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