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B.E. Section 1

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(Gabriel): Hey, have you seen the leader? (Brandon): What leader? (Gabriel): So, you don't know where he is? (Liza): Where are we? Are we lost? (Jonathan): I don't know, where did we put the map? (Liza): The map? You left it in the car!? (Renca) Oh, hey. (Using Gestures) Deaf. Group. Backpacks. Walking? (Brandon): (Signs in ASL) The Deaf group of hikers are meeting here. (Renca): Oh! I thought you were hearing! (Kari): Have you seen any toothpaste? It fell out of my backpack. You don't know? Ugh, whatever. (All talking at the same time) (Dan): Hey everyone! I'm the leader for the backpacking trip. My name is Dan. (Carole): I'm his wife and my name is Carole. What are your names? (Kari): Hi, I'm Kari. (Jonathan): I'm Jonathan. (Brandon): I'm Brandon. (Gabriel): Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel. (Renca): Yes! You're that famous fashion designer. I can't believe you're here with us! So exciting! (Gabriel): I'm surprised you recognize me, not many people know that about me. (Liza): Awesome. I'm Liza. (Renca): Cool, my name is Renca. I'm thrilled to meet y'all. (Carole): It's really nice to meet you all, but unfortunately, I need to work this weekend. So, I can't be involved with the backpacking trip this weekend, but I know you guys will have a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing all the stories you have when you get back! I love you. (Dan): Everyone ready for a fun trip? (Campers): Yes! (Dan): Okay, everyone follow me. (Jonathan): Look, what's that? (Dan): This is where we'll set up the campfire. And we'll set up all the tents over here. (Renca): Look! The sun going down, it's going to get cold soon! (Jonathan): I can go look for some wood, but maybe can three people come help? (Gabriel, Dan, Kari): We'll come. (Liza): It's just the three of us? Perfect. (Renca): I love camping. Everyone gathers around the roaring campfire and then the best part... sharing stories! I'm trying to think of some but I can't think of any to share. Do you have any? (Liza): Um... Oh yes! I just thought of one! Do you know my friend Jonathan? The one who was sitting over there with glasses and bald head? One of his favorite stories is about a game show. A game show about eternal satisfaction. (Renca): Ah, that sounds interesting. I would love to hear it. Can you tell us the story? (Liza): Sure. (Game Show Host): Welcome! Welcome all of you lonely and desperate people! Welcome to our game show... Eternal Satisfaction. Ok! Now, let me introduce to you our first prizes. (Prize 1): I am lover. Do you need love? Come to me and I will satisfy your desire for romance and love! (Host): Wow! Hot! Here's our second prize, are you ready? (Prize 2): Do you want to be famous like me? Everyone will love you! I know that you will feel satisfied. (Host): Awesome! Now for our third prize, are you ready? (Prize 3): I am money. You can buy whatever you want! You can buy a nice house, or a new car! You will be forever satisfied. (Host): And that is eternal satisfaction! And now, we are going to introduce you to contestant number one. Ok, wow! Are you excited? (Contestant 1): Yes! (Host): Why are you here today? (Contestant 1): We'll, I'm here today because I've been looking for many things in the world to satisfy me, But nothing has ever satisfied. But then I saw the advertisement for the game show! I was mesmerized. I knew I wanted to apply and I did and now I'm here! (Host): Yay! Are you ready to start the game show? (Contestant 1): Yes! (Host): Okay! The only thing you need to do is roll this dice. (Contestant 1): Two. (Host): Number two, what do you think is behind door number two? (Contestant 1): Well, I already have money... and I don't care much for being famous... But I want lover! (Host): Lover, alright! (Contestant 1): I want lover in door number two! (Host): Let's see if she's right. (Contestant 1): Yes, I got it, I got it! (Host): Wow... One more person found eternal satisfaction! Ok. Next up! Now we are going to invite our contestant number two. Where is she? Ah! Here she is! Let's give her a round of applause! Welcome! How are you today? (Contestant 2): Well, I'm ok. (Host): Do you know why you're here today? (Contestant 2): Well, um. The world has so much to offer but I've never felt content. Nothing has ever been able to satisfy me! I am so tired of playing games that offer false satisfaction. I really want eternal satisfaction. I actually had a friend who was telling me about Jesus... (Host): Okay... We're going to go ahead and start the game show. Are you ready? Okay, all you have to do is roll this dice! (Contestant 2): Number three. (Host): What do you think is behind door number three? (Contestant 2): Eternal satisfaction? I don't know. (Host): What do you want most in life? (Contestant 2): Hmm...what do I want most in life? (Policeman): Sorry, but I need to shut down your game show. (Host): Excuse me?! Why? (Policeman): There are three reasons. Manipulation Deception And lying! (Host): What?! You can't do that! You can't steal my money and fame. You just can't! (Policeman): Those tickets we gave you are for eternal punishment! (Host): No! (Policeman): Go ahead and arrest them and send them to jail. I am so sorry. Go on! Get out! (Contestant 2): Lies! The games of this world are all the same! I am so sick of these games. I guess I will never be eternally satisfied! (Policeman): Wait, wait! There is something that can eternally satisfy you. (Contestant 2): What? Really? (Policeman): Jesus! (Contestant 2): Yes! A friend of mine was telling me about Jesus. She was telling me how God made the world and people. And how people sin's separated them from God, But God loved the world so much that he sent His only Son, Jesus Christ. He was sent to earth where he lived and died on the cross, and exchanged his life for ours! Then he resurrected from the dead, so we could have a relationship with the Father again! That is eternal satisfaction? (Policeman): Yes. (Contestant 2): Wow! But everything cost so much money... (Policeman): Don't worry, Jesus already paid your debt. He paid it off fully! Just for you! So, what's the cost? Free! (Contestant 2): Free? What do I need to do? (Policeman): It's simple! Believe and walk with Jesus. (Contestant 2): I believe! Ok, I believe! Jesus, I believe and I want to follow you forever! (Policeman): Guess what? You already have eternal life! (Contestant 2): Yes! (Policeman): Congratulations! (Contestant 1): My lover left me for another person! I thought it was supposed to last forever! And it didn't! Where are the other prizes? I know I could play for money! And where's fame? (Liza): And that's the story. (Brandon): Ah, interesting. (Renca): It's very true. The world can offer many things to satisfy us but they are only temporary and then they are gone! Jesus is the only one who can eternally satisfy us. (Brandon): Right. (Liza): It's true. (Renca): The fire is going out. (Liza): Where is everyone? (Renca): Oh, hey! There you are! (Brandon): Where were you? (Renca): Careful with the fire! (Jonathan): I got a tree! (Renca): A whole tree? (Jonathan): Yeah, look it's right there! (Renca): Liza was just sharing with me and Brandon your favorite story about eternal satisfaction. It was a good story. (Jonathan): Yep, one of my favorites! (Renca): It was a really good story, we really enjoyed it. (Dan): I'm hungry, do you all want soup? (Campers): Yeah! (Renca): Perfect! (Kari): What kind of soup is it? (Dan): It's just dry vegetable. (Liza): Is it ABC soup? (Dan): Um, no. Sorry. (Liza): Aww, that's my favorite. (Brandon): That story about eternal satisfaction, it makes me think of my story about using masks, for deception, lying and manipulation. Can I share my story about masks? (Campers): Yeah!

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