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The difference between hypnosis and meditation? Sadhguru

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*isha introduction theme* So, is there a difference between hypnosis at ourselve or otherwise and meditation. What is hypnosis. Are you familiar with what's hypnosis? Hm? You are all hypnotised? *laughter* Now, hypnosis means it's a heightened state of suggestibility. It can be in a very mild way, in certain situations, in a more powerful way in different situations. Now, I tell you: "Come for dinner, let's go and have dinner." You say "no no, I need to go." "No no, it's ok you come." "No oh I need to go..." But you come and have dinner. You're hypnotized in a mild way. Somewhere, the suggestion that was given became more powerful than other intentions that you had. This can be done in a more powerful way to such a point that you are oblivious of everything else except the suggestion. So whether the suggestion is autosuggestion or by somebody else, it doesn't matter. It is a suggestion. Or fundamentally, hypnosis means moving into a certain stage of unawareness where you are propelled by a certain thought or a certain instruction. either selfgiven or given by somebody. Now, you are trying to hypnotize yourself in so many ways to make yourself effective. Unfortunately most people are trying to achieve success by hypnotizing themselves "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!" You know? They're trying to hypnotize themselves. It can produce certain results sometimes in your life but it can cause enormous damage to you by making you do things that are not needed for you in your life. Your life can become imbalanced because you are getting to do things that you should not be doing. So hypnosis is on many different levels but fundamentally hypnosis means unawareness. Meditation means just the reverse. Awareness. No suggestion. No suggestion means absolutely no suggestion. No... particular goal. Not trying to get anywhere, but fully aware. So... it's just the reverse of hypnosis. Unfortunately, today, spiritual cycles, spiritual groups in the world, because they are unable to meditate, they are using hypnosis. Because that also produces relaxation in a different way. But it's not towards the same goal; you are moving into two different dimensions of life. There is nothing ever spiritual about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a mental exercise, a psychological condition. It can never be spiritual. Spiritual means, that which will help you to transcend the physical. So meditation is a dimension which takes you beyond your physical limitations. Hypnosis can never go beyond physical because it's a psychological situation.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru the difference between hypnosis and meditation. Sadhguru explains that fundamentally hypnosis is unawareness where as meditation is awareness. (AO97)

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