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The mayan calendar, Nostradamus, polar shift, the end of the church, aliens, financial collapse, time travel, the return of the antichrist, the powers that be, going through the solar plane, 26000 year cicles, planet X, the head of the serpents, the reptilian agenda, the illuminati, conspiracy, corruption, and the list goes on and on. People are preparing, buying food reserves, stocking upon arms, learning survival skills and self defense, neighbors are becoming skeptical of neighbors. There are movies, books, CD's, DVD's, History Channel shows, ancient manuscripts, the Bible, campfire stories, ongoing science, debates, articles, products, websites companies and more that are focused on 2012 -more specifically December 21st, 2012- it doesn't matter if you are religious, young or old, male or female, in the northern or southern hemishere, the biggest problem with 2012 is none is safe, even if you don't believe anything will happen, the mass spiritual and emotional tension may turn 2012 into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Please let ZPTECH share with you a different point of view: history shows that through chaos comes order, isolation forms unity collaboration designs synergy, 2012 to us, and millions of others, will be an opportunity a time for creation and a time for building what may be our first need to globally unite, uniting on new levels, emotionally and spiritually, ZPTECH makes preparations for a global event of this magnitude we recognize the shift through 2012 will be significant, regardless if there is any destruction or not. The human need to be aware during these times and the times to follow 2012 after that year has come to a close is essential, as we do not predict the future, nor attempt to, our insticts and intuitions compell us to be at out peak levels of conciousness awareness, spiritual harmony and inner peace. The health of our chakras, the energy of our aura, the healing properties we can share with others. ZPTECH is 2012 alchemy, or shift conciousness, will aid you in awakening the dormant superbeing within and gas your most capable pace, as our bodies may not be ready to keep strive with our minds 2012 will balance the physical and mental of our beings and provide the path to at least resistance to superbeing conciousness. With the most effective route to genuinely displace our spiritual expression founded by what you are at the inner depths of your core, where artistry and creative centers are stimulated with a centered harmony of increased focus, bringing you to the culmination of expression and thought. This balance is the awakening of the superbeing, this small change is significant in the grand scale of becoming a superbeing. The subtle difference, the mind and body is never overlooked, all of us are evolving in the fibers of conciousness the effectiveness and impact will grow as more participate through wearing and using this alchemy, as 2012 will be something we are part of whether we choose to participate or not. Our collaborative efforts will begin the unity needed for the next dimensions of living as superbeings. Modern science generally assumes that the only knowable reality is the world of matter that we experience throughout our senses, it does not admit that there could be other realities other dimensions coexisting with this reality. Instructions and practices that the sudden awakening our already enlightened can become much more sophisticated. Awakening is often a sudden event once a person is ready the necessary groundwork done and the conciousness centered, the shift can happen more or less instantaneously, it is possible tha research into the neurological correlates of spiritual awakening will lead us to methods of promoting this process directly, there will likely be unforeseen discoveries or developments that will help us free our lives, wherever they may be, the more we learn how to facilitate a shift in conciousness will faster than it will happen. We believe that the 2012 alchemy via ZPTech may shift your conciousness to a higher level, "2012 Awake" is the first product in the world designed to directly shift the personal vibration, and frequency to prepate for 2012, alchemical molecules vibrate at frequencies that match those found in human cells, frequency is the mesurable rate of electric energy that is constant between energy points of which every living thing has, there has been much research conducted and books written on the relationship between frequency and desease. A healthy bopdy typically has a frequency rate of 62 to 79 hertz, while disease begins at 58 hertz, when the body is out of balance it is important to bring your frequency back to homeostasis. the emotions of feeling axiety for example create a ?condition that activates the transcript endzone that transcribes the emotion on the ??? template and stores it into the DNA, the emotion then becomes apredominat factor in our lives from that moment on. The 2012 alchemy has uses reported of purging and casting emotion form the being. The 2012 alchemy is going to take you to the next level whether by purging pass low frequency events, or shiifting what you are currently doing to your luminous energy field. The activity of our brain is mesurable in different brainwave cycles and different frequencies, for intance, we know that the alpha frequency of our brainwaves corresponds to the basic resonance of the planet, 7.5 hertz, a very interesting illustration of resonance. It is important to understand that certain principles related to holography, or what is called fractal mathematics, is crucial to how we maintain an equilibrium within our bodies and spiritual selves. For personal tansformation, monoatomic gold allows subconciously held beliefs and worries to surface en become understood. This process happens sequencially, bringing to life one issue at a time, ans stay to colaborate gain key insight and psychic abilities, for aditional purposes, monoatomic gold acts upon the pituitary gland inducing an increase in hormonal production. Monoatomic gold strenghtens the heart, improves the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow and increases our general spiritual awareness. Please, join ZPTech, the future of alchemical resources, as we lauch our 2012 alchemy: Shift Conciousness.

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Posted by: albasilente on Jun 22, 2009

White Powder Gold
Superhealth Through Modern Alchemy

This cutting edge technology is summed up in only a few words: monatomic (or monoatomic) and diatomic elements. Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (but now there are the newer plasmas, condensates and liquid crystals). Some solids crystallize into lattice structures we call metals. What classical science does not teach us (because these are new and extreme cutting edge discoveries) is that there is, in fact, another phase of matter called "monatomic."

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