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New Years Eve (2011)

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3 - 2 - 1 This is the biggest night of my career. All these people have come from all over the world tonight, just to be here Don't just dump them! Float them in the wind! It should be magical! (narrator) It only happens once a year. New Years Eve. Okay. (narrator) It's a time when hopeless can be romantic... Last year I met a woman, and she was extraordinary. You're gonna meet her, aren't you? (narrator) ...and a resolution can become a revelation. That looks like a long list. You better get on it. If you can make these resolutions come true, by midnight, you get these. Four tickets to that party? You called the right guy. (narrator) And when one night... ...can change everything. No-no-no-no. This thing is dead. (man) It doesn't work. Call the super! (man) He doesn't work either. Hello New York City! (girl) I want to go to Times Square tonight. (mother) Well, that's highly doubtful. You know, I'm 15, Mom. (mother) I know) This is not a training bra. And this is not "Girls Gone Wild"! The first baby delivered in the new year gets 25 grand. Oh, it's on. Let's go honey. Nobody wins when pregnant women fight. ♪ [The Afters - "Start Over"] ♪ The impossible is possible ♪ Resolution number 2 - breakfast at Tiffany's. Cheers. ♪ You'll never grab the wonderful with your feet on the ground ♪ Talk to me. Talk to him! Why? Because it's New Year's Eve, you want another shot at it? She' foolin' around. I like fooling around too. Here we go! (emcee) Get your noisemakers ready! Do it! Is it New Year's Eve? Is it? We've gotta do something to get you out of your New Year's Eve funk. We could have our own party, right? (man) You went out for a slice of pizza, and you may have run into the one. Who are you gonna kiss at midnight? (man) Do you know what that is? Insanity? (man) No - serendipity. The countdown begins. ♪ [Pitbull - "Give Me Everything"] ♪ Grab somebody sexy tell 'em hey, give me everything tonight ♪ ♪ Give me everything tonight ♪ There's gonna be more celebrities here than at rehab. I'm freakin' out. What do you think? You look hot! (narrator) And for this one magical night...'s about getting another chance... [whoop] do more... give more... love more... (woman) Because that's what New Year's is all about. ( narrator) ... that... ..and a good party... [cheering] Nothin' beats New York on New Year's Eve.

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