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Valentina's Testimony 2016

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I'm grateful to Amor y Esperanza because so many times, or really the entire time I've been here, I've been sponsored I had a sponsor who helped me very much financially We didn't have enough money to pay for my tuition so that was really helpful to me. They also helped me to be able to receive a snack and lunch, which meant one less expense for my family. So they'll help you, they help you so much. The Amor y Esperanza Foundation helps you with all the little things until little by little they've helped you so much it's overwhelming. The Principal of Amor y Esperanza is simply amazing He's a very happy person, but he expects a lot from us, but that's one of the best things about him, because the more he pushes us, the more we push ourselves and the more we achieve. I've always felt I can count on Amor y Esperanza because Amor y Esperanza has always given me the freedom to be myself, to work through of all of my problems, they've always helped me when I had family problems, or any problem, because, honestly they are my family, Amor y Esperanza is my family, so I know that they will always help me and I trust them and know I can always count on them. If tomorrow the new school building was finished, I would simply tell my father, "Dad, I'm changing schools, I'm going back to my old school." Because I miss this school so much, I truly miss it a lot, and my biggest dream is that they would finally finish the new building, that it would be finally built, so I could come back to Amor y Esperanza I'm going to pray so much that God would fulfill this dream, and that many people would support Amor y Esperanza, because it's the dream of so many people. We're all working together, so that we can finally finish the new school so I will always be praying for them.

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Valentina's Testimony 2016

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