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The adorable Bimbo Bear and the commitment of making nutritious, delicious and fresh bread, buns and sweets are what have given us international renown Bimbo Bear was illustrated by the wife of one of the founding families of our company. Its name comes after the italian word bambino which means little boy. For more than half a century Bimbo bear and our name have represented tradition and warmth to all mexicans since it represents our sweet home. When everything points out that you’re old That's just not it it only means that you've gained more experience. We're still working at our sixty years and we still have energy to go on You can do the same "Bimbo Contigo" We worry about your family just as you do. that's why we reafirmed our commintment with our new bread line "Bimbo Contigo" with the Bimbo freshness and quality at a special price Available at your favorite store "Bimbo Contigo" We know about fatigue because just like you we get up very early everyday in order to do our jobs. It’s a tough task but the gratification is big "Bimbo Contigo" I made you a sandwich Mmm! Bimbo bear, what's Bimbo’s secret? (Laughs) At Bimbo, everyday we get up very early in order to to deliver our bread I love its taste! That's the secret Just out of the oven soft bread, Bimbo bread With affection, as always Guess what I sent you on your lunchbox! What did you sent me? It's a surprise! My mom sent me a surprise too! You’re up tomorrow! These are the Bimbo & Marisela lunchboxes, just what you need to make everyday a fun and delicious surprise I just came up with something new Awesome! Everyone crushes their bimbuñuelos like this and they eat it like this Well, I don't First, I soak them, then attack! Bimbuñuelos with milk. I bet you didn't knew about this Now you know! Crush them like always soak them and attack! Bimbuñuelos with milk. There’s no other way! You have to try them!

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Duration: 3 minutes and 5 seconds
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: kriziavaldivia on Apr 8, 2014

Compilación de comerciales de bimbo

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