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Of A Grateful Nation

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[phone ringing] [at the tone, please record your message] [sigh] [beep] Hi Sir. That's what I thought, do I even still call you Sir, anymore? Hey... [sigh] You were right, civilians are shitbags. [sighs] I don't... I don't belong here Sir. [sighs heavily] I'm reued So we find our own way over there. you know, in the desert? [sighs] We'd find our home in the sand, in the heat, in the blood. Fucking blood. I don't know. Here's why I'm calling. You always knew what to say to help us keep from losing our shit over there. [sigh] I work for this bitch now who doesn't know the fucking difference between leadership and management. [sighs] So yeah. Thank you for your leadership, Sir. I could really use it right now. All I wanna do is get a fucking- [automated voice] The mailbox is full. Goodbye. [phone ringing] [answering machine] You have reached the veterans assistance suicide hotline. Please wait to be connected to the next available representative. [music playing] [music coming from phone] - We care about your welfare - Hello? [female voice from phone] Please continue to hold, the next available representative - will be with you shortly. - Fuck you! [waiting music continues to play] [gun shots] Fuck! It's a fucking ambush! Kelvin in the ravine, request air support! [explosions] Negative. No available assets. [frantic gun shots] Grid! one, zero, six! I need hold tail of that grid. One, zero, si- [explosion] Standby priority relay. [gun shots] smoked one, this is thunderstorm. Send it. [explosion followed by ringing] [ringing continues with mixed sounds of gun shots and rhythmic beating] [screaming] [banging noise] [silence] [guitare music] [phone ringing] [sigh] What the hell? Do you know what time it is? [sigh] I know Caroline. I-, I just You just what? You're drunk and decided it was a good idea to call me in the middle of the night. No! You know we're through, right? I loved you... and I still love you, but I can't be with a man who isn't there. Caroline, I was always there. Uh, yeah. Physically, maybe. But then your eyes would grow cold and you were somewhere else all the time. And when you won't come back it wasn't until you went to a bottle of pills or a bottle of whiskey. I can't do this again. Baby Just try to- I have work in the morning, so I Goodbye. Caroline, I- I need help. Caroline? Mother fucker Fine! I've gotten this far without you, I don't need anyone! [ringing noise] [buzzing of tattoo machine] [phone ringing] Hello? You called? Hey man, the boss is asking about you. She says you weren't feelin' good yesterday. Are you coming in or not? I...I don't think I'm gonna make it. Hey. you think she'll give me another advance on my pay? Dude, you know you can't keep doing this, right? You show up askin' more than for an advance and she's gon catch your ass before she fires you. - Yeah, I know. - Is that him? You tell him- No you don't- fuck you and fuck him too. Fuck, I'll tell you the main thing Just make sure you come in tomorrow, okay? Yeah. All right. You're good? Hello? [sighs] Fuck it. [rock n' roll guitar music] - I'm not interested. Thank you - You look interested - I'm sure I do- I'm not interested. - You look interested... - Get out of here. Thank you. - Come on... No. Have a good night. Fuck you. Hey cutie. Yeah, I've been to town, we can skip the back and forth. Hm, straight to business, okay. Do you work on barter? What do you mean? Trade. Do you fuck for trade? What do you got? A pocket full of pills and a dick as hard as a ten pound nail. No rubber in the other pocket? Why? Are you afraid you'll catch something you don't already have? Yeah, good point. Hey. Hey! So, do you wanna fuck? Yeah. Get the fuck over here. - Oh yeah, baby. - Pound as hard as you can - Shut the fuck up! Fuck. [sobbing] It's my fault. It's my fault! [voice on phone] Hi James, this is your mother I haven't heard from you in a while, so I thought to call and check up [male voice] Hi Sir, That's a weird thought, do I even call you Sir anymore? You always knew what to say to help us keep from losin' our shit over there [sigh] so yeah Thank you for your leadership, Sir. I could really use it right now. All I wanna do is get a fucking bull- - Oh no kid, don't do it Come on, pick up the fucking phone! [phone vibrating] For extraordinary heroism in the line of duty, while serving as Fire Team Leader, Weapons Company First Batallion, Second Marine Regimen, first marine division. While sustaining injuries during an enemy ambush, and under direct artillery fire, he was able to withdraw the wounded members of his team saving their lives, and was able to recover the bodies of his platoon members who were killed in action. His unwavering courage and devotion to duty despite overwhelming odds reflect the highest credit to himself the United Stated Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Service. [clapping and cheering] ♪so broken and wounded ♪and let them inside ♪'cause I can't escape them ♪So I don't even try ♪Oh won't you save me? don't you wanna save me? ♪I'm waitin' for you to come home ♪Oh won't you save me I'm beggin' you to save me ♪Cause all of my ghosts are closin' in don't let them take me ♪Cause all of my ghosts are closin' in don't let them take me

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Posted by: adamreeb on Apr 12, 2019

The pain and angst of demise, and the downward spiral of PTSD, is often dismissed by the masses because it is a path walked alone. No one is present to witness the internal battle. No one is there when it happens. No one is around to beg someone to stop.
Of a Grateful Nation... puts the reality of veteran suicides, and the throes of PTSD, to the forefront of the American mind. Of a Grateful Nation is about a man- once a hero, and now a broken spirit- spiral out of control. Self-medicating with prescription pills and alcohol, a young man- back from a world of war- is unable to cope with a time of peace. He is alone, drugged, drunk, and armed. No one is with him. No one is there to stop him. He is left feeling the abandonment and true separation from the people and the nation he served. This is the reality that an average of 22 veterans face every day; the reality that
Of A Grateful Nation... forces the world to see.

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