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Na`Vi in the supermarket

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Hello everyone, Danya Zeus here We're in a huge supermarket in Leipzig, Germany So I wanted to show you some shit Starix is ordering susi This is how sushi looks in the supermarket Fresh sushi so you can eat it Starix you getting yourself sushi? Starix:Yeah they said to wait 10 minutes Oh, so you want them to make it just for you? We bought these yesterday Starix:I don't want them with red, I'd rather eat fresh ones Okaay Edward:I'm ready to go Let's wait for Starix I can't handle myself here You want to eat all of it? So much tasty stuff here I decided to record all of this We passed our Group successfully From 1st place, unexpected Look at all of this bread and baked stuff What is this? Ohh, he put it in, what's next First time seeing this Oh it's going to slice it! Neat And it goes out sliced Real neat Edward:Is it baking? No he puts in the bread and it slices it Neat-o Damn that's really useful though Edward:It's too long to wait for starix Let's wait for him Edward:He said it's 15 minutes It's 10 Come on let's wait Go eat a bagel Edward:I'm gonna go get a salad Edward is hungry We can't eat before the game, but we don't have time to eat in between them Look at all of this Let me show you the best of it Damn, I don't know why people talk shit about Germany Here's cakes and stuff I want some now Hold me Donuts, baked stuff There is so much of it More cakes Yogurts, shakes, more cakes! Look at those fucking eclairs Mmm so soft Delicious More shakes or whatever the fuck it is That girl is like "give me some of that" MORE CAKES MORE CAKES Starix is in line here too Here you can buy already prepared fish Salmon, herring, and of course shrimp So many variations of shrimp Shrimp shrimp crab shrimp More fish stuff and more shrimp Edward:Pesto are the most delicious, show them Unreal Then there is fresh shrimp and fish Crazy The supermarket is enormous You can walk around here for a year And then get lost Downstairs there is more shrimp Vanya! Edward:It's a garage So you can just drive in and scoop all of this Edward:There is a special car that drives in and buys stuff for you:D Would be useful DONUTS Vanya I feel like you want donuts Edward:Fuck donuts, they're shit Did you go there?There is so much sweet stuff Okay here is some more food Something in cheese Spicy probably Olives! Regular olives, olives in seeds, olives with pepper Olives with pepper inside of them, olives with olives Huge olives Some shit in cheese again You can easily live here Lettuce with cheese and ham Potatoes and fish, sauces MEAT Chicken, beef, pork, ribs Sausage and some shit, something under cheese again More potatoes and sauce I hope you are hungry now Salads with ham, with tomatoes Fruit salads, pineapples, strawberry More fruits Booze This is for wine, then there is more booze Fucking fruits again More booze You can just walk around and look at alcohol It's not for us 24 euros Noted Jameson, 18 euros 12 euros for Germans is nothing They can get a lot of alcohol Vodka Mmm, warm Wow, that's how it looks Let;s get out of here That's the huge supermarket for you Then there is more cheese meat and sausage But I think I showed enough Greens, bitch Interesting Strawberries, as Edward calls them "Chernobylskie" Alright guys Bon apetit, stay positive Eat and get healthy Now you know that we've been in this huge supermarket that has everything I think we can find some human meat here too I'm not going to be surprised Oh fuck, a leg, I'm outta here

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jan 28, 2016

Na`Vi in the supermarket

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